Are dogs attracted to period blood? Find Out Here

Reason 3: They Smell Your Pheromones

A woman’s monthly period says a lot about her, especially to dogs. During menstruation, a woman releases pheromones, which dogs can easily detect with their award-winning sense of smell!

Human pheromones act similarly to dog pheromones, when a female dog is in heat she also releases pheromones, which attracts male dogs. When a male dog smells pheromones on a woman, he will try to determine why the smell is intriguing to him. This will cause him to find reasons to explore the period blood, whether it’s by getting closer to the woman, or by seeking out used tampons or pads in the trash.

Most women who have a regular monthly cycle will release pheromones that trigger this behavior in male dogs but don’t be surprised because your female dogs can detect the change, too.

Reason 6: They Miss You!

I miss my dogs tremendously when I have to be away from them. Honestly, I became a writer because I prefer to be home with my pets every day! Leaving our pets is hard for us, and it is also hard on them!

And this isn’t just in our heads- our dogs miss us when we are away. When we aren’t near, they often look for things that remind them of us. If there are used pads or tampons in the trash, they may smell like you. This can cause your dog to find a fondness for these tossed-out reminders of you.

How do dogs act on their period?

Changes can range from quite mild to more severe. Sometimes a female dog will become more affectionate and clingy with her owner, other times she may seem a bit grumpy. Appetite changes: It’s not unusual for a dog to go off her food a bit during this first week, or she may get hungrier.

Dog Periods: When your dog is in heat and bleeding

So even when a dog is familiar with their owner, if that owner is menstruating or just had a baby, they are letting off a different smell and the dog wants to know why. This may also be why dogs often steal underwear since the undergarment carries an owner’s scent.