Are dogs only interested in food? A Step-by-Step Guide

#2: Due to an illness

Does Fido seem low on energy these days?

But somehow, they seem to go crazy for food?

Well, don’t think that they’re just greedy.

You see, your pooch could be sick.

Moreover, here’s what vets say about this:

And the issues below could cause it:

Warning: These diseases can be fatal to Fido. So if your pooch has a sudden increase in appetite, visit the clinic for safety.

From this list, worms are the most common culprits. Especially in puppies without vaccine shots.

So next time your pooch comes to beg for food…

Try to pay attention if they might actually be sick.

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#5: Due to their genes

No matter what time it is…

Your pooch just always seems hungry.

“What do I have to feed you so you can feel full?” You wondered as you looked at your drooling pooch.

Well, sometimes Fido can’t help it.

Wanting to eat all the time is just in their genes. Basically, their DNA stops them from feeling full.

I’m talking about the POMC gene.

VCA Hospitals says this DNA affects Fido’s hunger.

Now, in another research:

It’s found that 23% of Labradors had this mutation.

And that’s why they tend to be heavy eaters.

In that case, your pooch might have the same DNA.

Similar studies have been conducted using sound, and they also showed a similar result. Scientists have also looked at a dogs brain chemistry. Oxytocin is the hormone generally associated with the feeling of love. The results indicate that when humans pet and cuddle their pups, oxytocin is produced in both the dog and humans brain.

It is well understood that dogs are generally highly motivated by food. This is why treats are such an effective training tool and a great option to consider when building a relationship with your pup, but your relationship with your dog is much more than him using you for food. After all, if you let a friend give your dog a treat, he isnt going to abandon you and follow your friend home at the end of the day.

Dogs cant talk, so of course, there is no way to know for certain the details of their emotional experience. While a dogs emotional experience is not as complex as a humans, many studies have shown that dogs are capable of emotional attachment and love.

Another surefire sign of love is a loving gaze. If your pup stares at you with a relaxed, devoted gaze, this is a sign of love.

Then, make sure your interactions are positive and fun. If your dog loves to fetch, take time to play a game at the park or in your backyard. If he prefers to swim, take a trip to a park with a lake whenever you can so he can enjoy the water. Spend plenty of time with your pup and use positive reinforcement during your training sessions.

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