Are Dollar Store Dog Toys Safe

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Who doesn’t love the dollar store – but are dog toys from the dollar store safe?

Yes and no, depending on the toy and how it’s made. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate dog toys, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission only regulates pet toys that can be proven to put consumers (people, not dogs) at risk. So when it comes to safety you’re on your own.

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Are Dog Toys From The Dollar Store Safe:

In general, dollar store dog toys are less safe than more expensive options. Many dollar store dog toys are made in China which means little to no regulation is involved in their toy production. The likelihood of dollar store toys being made with toxic materials is high.

In this post we’re going to look at how to check if a toy you’re looking to buy at a dollar store is safe, which toys and materials should be avoided at all costs and how to pick the safest toys for your pup.

Are Dollar Store Dog Toys Safe

How to make safe dog toys?

You can make a DIY dog toy as well. Here are two easy ways to make safe dog toys at home:

Why Would Dollar Stores Carry Dog Toys That Are Unsafe?

Put simply, it’s because cheap dog toys from China are the only toys they can have on their shelves and keep the price around $1.

They’re a business, and like all businesses they need to be able to buy or make products at a cheaper cost than they can sell those products to their customers. That’s the only way they’re able to stay in business.

While it’s not their intention to carry dog toys that are unsafe for your furry friend, because their business model is ‘products priced at around $1’, they have to stock the cheapest toys they can find.

And more often than not (likely 99% of the time) that means their toys are going to be from China. Their labor is cheaper and they have less regulation around what materials can and can’t be used.

Since they’re able to take these shortcuts, it enables them to make their products at a super cheap price which dollar stores in North America can then buy and make available to you at their location.

Also, people continue to buy these products at their stores, which is why they keep restocking their shelves with them. Many people aren’t aware that the toys could be potentially harmful for their dog. Which is why it’s important for you to know which materials & type of toys to stay away from so you can pick the safest options for your pup.


How do I know if my dog toys are safe?

Rubber vinyl chew toys contain phthalates, an additive that makes them soft and chewy, and that has also been linked to liver and kidney damage. Painted toys may be contaminated with lead, which is linked to neurological damage. So, it’s best to just stay away from those colorful squeaky bones.

What are the safest dog toys?

Search the Archived Pet Supply Data to see if your product has been tested for toxins. Check your product against the FDA’s list of recalled and withdrawn products. Ask the manufacturer about the presence of PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, chromium, melamine, arsenic, bromine, formaldehyde.