Are lakes safe for puppies? Get Your Pet Thinking

How Safe Is a Lake for a Puppy?

Even if you have a vaccinated puppy, you should keep in mind that lakes aren’t 100% safe. Their risk doesn’t only lie in their nature as a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria.

To fully understand what your dog will face when swimming in a lake or walking on its shore, here are some points to bear in mind.

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Strong swells and deep water (can puppies go in lake water)

Lakes can be an exciting place for puppies, but you can’t expect them to swim with the same ease of a four-year-old Labrador – especially if they are a smaller-sized breed like a Chihuahua. Some breeds such as French Bulldogs cannot actually swim.

With strong swells and deep water, it is easy for things to get out of control. That’s why it is good to keep puppies on a short lead when near the water, with your eyes on them at all times.

If you really don’t want to take any risks, I would recommend buying a life jacket for your puppy to use at the lakes safely. Here’s a puppy life jacket on Amazon.

Alternatively, just keep them by the edge of the water without actually letting them go into it. If you want to teach your puppy to swim, there are several organisations that offer specialised puppy swimming lessons.

Why Your Dogs Should Stay Out of Lakes and Ponds

It’s always a good idea to bring a couple of snacks and water along when going out with your dog. Although dogs can drink untreated water from a lake, from puddles in the street, or from rain, this is not recommended and can sometimes put their health at risk. Read on and find out why.

While most animals can drink water from any source, the water from lakes or rainwater puddles, for example, might not be the best for your pet. Caution should also be taken when it comes to stagnant water in the street or at home. And these reasons are practically the same as those that we apply to select the water source humans drink from – we want to avoid dirt, toxic substances, and germs that could cause diarrhea and other health problems.