Are online puppy training classes worth it? Here’s the Answer

“How can you see what I’m struggling with when you’re not in the room with me?”

I have over 25 years of experience watching clients with their dogs.

Their tone of voice, what they say and how many times they say it, their body language, and reactions all create a big picture of what’s going on during a ZOOM-video session.

I can also see a dog’s signals and responses to your actions, which give me a clear indication of how he feels about what’s going on.

I can watch the interaction for about a minute and a half and usually figure out what the core issue is.

“My dog is reactive to me. How can I be the trainer if he thinks I’m the problem?”

I work to help my clients build a relationship with their dogs first, before we do anything. In some cases I need to train the owner how to be less “scary” to their dog. Quite often it’s body language, approach, or tone of voice that’s the problem. I look for what the trigger is.

I also have exercises that I have the owner do with their dog that establish communication, trust, authority, and connection. As the relationship heals between them, then we can go onto any behavior issues that are still there.

If the dog still continues to be reactive or is aggressive with the owner, I’ll help find a good local trainer through my network.

It’s Great in an Emergency Situation.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is being able to address “emergency” issues in real-time. An example would be if a client has guests coming over for a party and their dog has a problem greeting people in groups. We can have a video chat and I can walk them through the process while the event is happening.

Here are some common questions that people ask about virtual training.

TOP #30: Are Online Dog Training Courses Worth It? ft. Doggy Dan

Training your dog is an essential part of being a pet owner. However, not everybody may have the budget to pay for a professional dog trainers services, and reading dog training books isnt always that helpful, particularly for very difficult training techniques. Thats why online dog training courses are becoming more popular among dog owners, but are they worth the cost?

This weeks podcast guest is a professional dog trainer Doggy Dan, founder of his own dog training program and the The Online Dog Trainer course which has been used by more than 25,000 people to this date. We discuss everything related to dog training methods, how these courses work and dig deep into some of the more common questions pet owners often have regarding training their canines.

Listen to the episode in the video above and find the full podcast transcript below. For more, visit this episode’s post on the official Theory of Pets website.