Are there thinning shears for dogs? What to Know

The aptly-named thinning/blending dog grooming shears do exactly what anyone would guess – they thin out the hair on a thick-coated dog and blend hair for a soft, even look. The double-sided notched teeth on thinning shears look like a comb but incorporate blades such that they remove only a fraction of the hair they snip, leaving much of it intact but at a thinner texture. Blending shears are similar but have the notched comb blade on one side and sharp blade on the other. These are used for styling and modeling and are loved because they are both accurate and leave no markings. PetEdge sells a wide variety of both blending and thinning shears and shear kits that are sure to make grooming easier and more successful in your salon.

What Is the Difference Between Thinning Shears and Regular Scissors?

Thinning shears are a type of scissors designed to thin or remove excess hair from a pet’s coat, leaving behind a more uniform appearance. They come in assorted shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. When deciding whether they need to be purchased, it is imperative to look at the type of dog you own.

How To Choose Thinning Shears For Dogs

They resemble ordinary dog grooming scissors, but instead of sharp edges, they have teeth that look like a comb. This is their advantage and disadvantage at the same time: the teeth provide texture and volume to your animal’s hair and can make him look more fluffy and healthy, but, on the other hand, they cut very little, and it is not always possible to get a clean line with them.

So what should we look for when buying thinning scissors?

  • The blade: It should be made of stainless steel and sharpened not to crush or damage the hair while doing the job.
  • The handle: It should be comfortable in your hand; some people prefer straight handles, while others are used to curved ones; there are also ergonomic models for those who have wrist problems.
  • The construction of the scissors: This is almost more important than the other two points. Good quality blades should not be loose, and the handle should not wiggle.
  • The size: It has to fit your hand and feel comfortable.
  • The price: Without a doubt, we will always choose the cheapest ones (and there are many on the market), but we must keep in mind that they will be more expensive in the end if we have to change them often because they only give us a poor result. It is better to invest in good quality items from the beginning and get top-notch performance.
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