Blue Nose Pitbull Brindle

Pitbulls are truly remarkable dog breeds. Their looks alone are fascinating for many canine lovers. However, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dog, you should consider getting a brindle Pitbull.

Pitbull dogs come in an array of lovely colors and patterns. It’s common to see them in standard coats, but they can also have a dazzling brindle color and pattern.

To some, this gives a dog a sooty appearance, but in reality, this trait actually makes them special.

To know more about brindle Pitbulls, I will share with you the essential facts about them. We will cover a lot in this guide, so hang on tight!

A brindle Pitbull is a coat color variation of the Pitbull breed. They are known for their tiger-like stripes on a fawn, tawny brown, or dark brown base coat color, but this still varies from dog to dog. The Pitbull breeds that can exhibit this coloration are the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Some people confuse brindle Pitbulls as a separate breed. However, brindle is actually a standard color for the two breeds I discussed above. This is stated in the kennel club standards, which also details all their other characteristics.

Brindle Pitbulls are also often referred to as brindle Pit Bull, blue nose brindle Pitbull, red nose brindle Pitbull, and brindle Pittie. Some owners also call them brindle American Staffy or brindle American Pit.

How do you care for a Brindle Pitbull dog?

Pitbulls were bred for hunting and sport so they are strong and naturally active with great stamina.

Lots of mixed exercise is recommended – long walks, running, or any agility activities. They suit larger living spaces with outdoor access rather than apartment living.

Early leash training and road awareness is strongly recommended for this stubborn and powerful puppy’s safety.

Feed as a medium-sized dog, average 2 cups of dry dog food per day, depending on their activity level. They have a strong stomach and eat most types of dog food – wet and dry food. They should be fed twice a day to prevent bloat, a typical build-up of gas that affects dogs that either eat too quickly or drink too much before exercise.

As this a muscular-build dog it’s recommended that at least 20% of its diet is protein-based to maintain their muscle structure. Some Pitbull dogs are allergic to wheat corn and soy. So watch out for allergic reactions.

Fact: Any sudden change in diet or change of dog food brand can cause diarrhea in a puppy. So any change must be gradual. If changing the brand of dry food, mix some of the new with original and increase new brand gradually.

Brindle Pitbull dogs are fairly low maintenance. They only shed twice a year and require minimal brushing. This dog breed tends to sweat more than other breeds so its bed needs to be cleaned fairly regularly.

This breed sweats a lot and will need regular bathing. It has sensitive skin under its short coat so gentle shampoos are recommended when bathing. Certain dog formulated shampoos have a double effect of cleaning the dog coat and protecting it against fleas and insect bites.

Look after their teeth to prevent a build-up of plaque. Chewing breaks down plaque, so use doggie chew-toys, bare-bones and soft toothbrushes and toothpaste. Nails grow quickly and need to be trimmed regularly, say once a month, and checked for debris that could cause infection. Their small floppy ears, sometimes referred to as ‘half prick’, need to be checked for dirt build-up or infection weekly as this dog likes to play and roll about in grass and earth.

What are the main characteristics of a Brindle Pitbull?

The Brindle Pitbull is a short-haired, medium-sized muscular dog.

It’s often thought of as a dangerous dog breed, only bred for dog fighting and blood sports, but today its personality can be loving and affectionate when trained properly and socialized early by a responsible dog owner.

When any Pitbull is trained and socialized properly it can make a wonderfully loyal and trusted companion, for any dog lover. They are loving dogs and enjoy company, and the more active the lifestyle they have the better.

The Pitty is still associated with its previous reputation as a bully dog breed that was famous for dog fighting. This alarms many people and so this breed is often misunderstood to being better suited to aggressive contact than as a family pet. Dog owners of Pitties know that when handled correctly and properly trained they can be an affectionate and loving dog to be around.

Although they are growing in popularity as a dog breed, they don’t actually rank that highly in the lists of the world’s most popular dogs! Perhaps the stigma attached to their fighting days has an influence on this.

The general Bull dog breed ranks the 5th most popular dog in the US.

The Brindle Pitbull puppy needs to be trained and socialized as early as possible. This is a strong and stubborn, muscular dog breed with a strong jaw, that needs to learn control. Positive reinforcement and reward-based raining are advisable for this dog breed as it is strong-willed and needs to build up trust with its dog owner.

A Brindle Pitbull dog or any color variation of Pitbull dog should not be negatively punished, challenged directly or locked up for misbehaviour. Always reinforce change gradually and praise good behaviour and learning. Clicker training works well with this dog breed.

They are no more likely to bite than any other dog breed however they have a very powerful jaw and are very strong so any attack is likely to leave lasting damage.

A Pitbull dog has lots of energy, so expect to be exercising a Pitbull puppy for at least one hour a day minimum, building up 1-2 hours a day in adulthood; the more challenging the exercise better for this breed of dog.

Pit bulls, even the Pitbull puppies, are strong and energetic type dogs with lots of stamina. They are very powerful, have a solid build and are able to follow commands with appropriate training.

Early socialization and learning discipline are strongly recommended with a Brindle Pitbull or any Pitbull mix dog. This type of dog needs to become used to other dogs and children if it is to fit into a family environment.

Brindle Pitbull dogs are not good in the company of packs of dogs so they must be trained to know how to socialize in the company of other dog breeds.

They were bred as fighting dogs that could follow orders and commands. This trait is still present and if used positively this type of dog can be a disciplined and protective family pet.

Given their sharp instincts, fearless nature and ability to follow commands they can make good search and rescue dogs.

They will behave as trained as long as they are not left alone to get bored, then they can become destructive. Children should not be left alone with any Pitbull dog and should be taught how to treat these dogs with respect and how to act in their company.

What is a Blue Brindle Pitbull?

Blue brindle is a combination of coat color and pattern.

So a blue brindle Pitbull is a Pitbull with a blue coat in a brindle pattern, rather than a breed in its own right. Although they can appear to have three different colors, this isn’t a tri-color Pitbull.

Most people interested in blue brindle Pitbulls have an American Pitbull Terrier in mind.

However, American Staffordshire Terriers (Amstaffs) and Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffies) also belong to the Pitbull type, and can have blue brindle coats.


How much is a blue brindle pitbull worth?

Blue brindle stripes are gray with soft fawn in between them. Blue brindle Pits also have blue noses. So, they’re sometimes called blue nose brindle Pitbulls.

Are brindle Pitbulls aggressive?

What’s the Price of Brindle Pitbull Puppies? Also, a brindle coat is not rare and should not increase the price. Expect to pay between $300 to $500, with rare Blue Nose Brindle Pitbull puppies costing upward of $3,000. Finding a reputable Brindle Pitbull puppy breeder can be tough, though.