Botw Lord Of The Mountain Kill

8 Make Rupees Using This One Ruthless Trick!

It kinda goes without saying, but killing tons and tons of bad guys in an open-world RPG is always going to be a solid moneymaker. They drop money, weapons, food, and depending on what you kill, their entrails (but well save that for the next entry). What you need to know now is that theres always a solid amount of vendor trash to be found when busting up a camp of Bokoblins that didnt see you coming in the first place. If youre lucky, they also had a chest reward for taking them all out.

RELATED: The Best Kids Games Available Right NowAfter a long hard day of relentless murder, you undoubtedly have amassed a large pile of remains from your victims. Well, get ready to see the silver lining from all of those smelly, decaying pieces of rotted flesh and viscous effluence! You can slam those goodies into a pot and cook em up real nice. It honestly doesnt even matter in what order you do it; theyll probably turn into something you can sell to someone who has even lower standards than you do. The best part is, if youre even lazier than that, you can just sell the crap wholesale and still make yourself a tidy fortune.

14 Spending Real Money To Make Fake Money

When you use an Amiibo (regardless of the kind) in Breath of the Wild, youre going to get a smattering of barrels — and a chest or two — that pop out of nowhere into the game world. Inside those chests, youll find food, weapons, the chance for some rare armors, and of course, rupees. Youll net around a hundred or so if youre lucky, and it can only be done once per actual day, not in-game day, so its not that great. But if youve got a ton of Amiibos already, you might be rollin in rupees sooner than you think!

There used to be an exploit where you could fool the in-game clock by moving it forward a day, then running your Amiibos over again, but its since been patched. But dont be sad, my greedy little hackers: there are far better ways of getting money…

6 Ramella, The Goron Who Buys In Bulk

Throughout your travels, youll no doubt come across the Gerudo, a group of all-female desert dwellers who do not take kindly to men-folk. Upon your arrival to Goron City, youll find a rather out-of-place Gerudo named Ramella. Shes come here to find precious gems.

After you clear progress to a certain point in the game, Ramella tells Link that shes interested in replenishing her stocks of jewels. The only catch is that she only wants to buy them in lots of ten. However, if you have the shiny rocks she wants, shell pay more per item than anyone else in the game. Not a bad trade if youve spent all day trashing things like the Stone Talus.

There are only four real “bosses” in Breath of the Wild, except for Ganon, but there are a ton of side bosses to be found. The most lucrative one to fight is the Stone Talus, a literal pile of giant rocks that can only be felled with mining equipment. If you can take him down, youll be rewarded with a grand assortment of gems and items that will net you thousands of rupees.

And since there are at least eight of them to be found across Hyrule, youll be able to grind out a few of them and then wait for a Blood Moon for them to respawn. Not a bad way to make some cash. If you have access to a sledgehammer, it is even easier to take these gargantuans down. And remember, you can also grind these guys out when youre trying to make some armor or upgrade it!


Is it worth taming Lord of the Mountain in Botw?

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This mount is not too hard to find, but it spawns rarely and (seemingly) randomly. And it’s very difficult to tame. It’s one of the fastest mounts in the game with the highest (infinite) stamina, though, so it’s worth the effort.

Can you save the Lord of the Mountain?

The Lord of the Mountain is a one of the creatures found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Most creatures drop recoverable materials and some are used for as ingredients for cooking, side quests, shrine quests or armor upgrades.

What happens if you mount the Lord of the Mountain?

Unfortunately, you can’t keep it as a permanent mount, but you are able to ride it, as you’ve noticed. According to this guide on taming the creature, while you are able to tame it, you can’t register it to a stable.