Brushes For Short Haired Dogs

More than 10,000 customers have given this brush a 4.7-star rating, and its easy to see why. For heavy shedders, the DakPets de-shedding brush is a heavy-duty option. Its designed to reduce pet shedding up to 95 percent, dramatically cutting down on the amount of hair your pet leaves behind on your floor, sofa, or bed. It features a stainless steel comb and blade to remove hair without irritating your pet. The non-slip rubber handle makes grooming comfortable and easy on owners, too. This tool includes a lifetime money-back guarantee and can also be used on cats. Plus, customers found the brush easy to clean, as well.

Grooming your short-haired dog regularly is a must if you want to keep their skin and coat healthy. Depending on your pet’s breed and if theyre shedding, their grooming needs can vary, but using one of the best brushes for short-hair dogs will ensure you’re giving them top-notch treatment every single time.

The Bamboo Groom palm-held brush is both affordable and ergonomic, making brushing your four-legged bestie a breeze. This bristle-style brush has an elastic strap across the top to give you a secure grip. Just slip it into your palm and start brushing similarly to the way you would pet your pooch. The subtle approach provides a calming, comfortable grooming experience.

So, with tons of dog brushes on the market, how do you choose? To pick the right dog brush for your furry pal, you’ll need to consider the brush type and how it matches up with your pups needs.

What fans say: “I have 3 dogs who shed NON STOP. My lab has a longer coat while my two pit mixes have short coats & dedicate skin. I hate buying different brushes for different coat types…. This brush works amazingly on both coat types! The amount of hair it brings out is fantastic.”

Babyliss Pro Pet Flex Slicker Pet Brush

Breed Type: Slicker brush
Color: Black/white

The Babyliss Pro Pet Flex Slicker Pet Brush has long, flexible pins that penetrate thick short hair to remove dirt and loose fur. The pins are angled to follow the curves of your pet’s body, and the gel-filled handle is comfortable and non-slip. The bristles of the Babyliss are more rigid than similar models, and they’re more capable of removing tangles and matted fur.

However, the brush’s pins are too hard on dogs with light coats, and the brush is not suitable for pets that like to chew. Some customers complained that the gel leaked out of the handle when their dogs bit into it. Pros

  • Affordable
  • Rigid bristles remove tangles
  • Available in two sizes
  • Cons

  • Gel handle leaks if damaged
  • Too hard on light coats
  • Le Salon Rubber Grooming Brush

    While most of the grooming brushes we tried had a handle of some type, the Le Salon Essentials rubber grooming brush opts for a finger loop that holds onto your fingers. We liked the idea in theory; but in practice, it was small and uncomfortable for those of us with larger hands. However, our dogs loved the feel of this brush and the rubber bristles are very soft on the skin. That said, it didn’t remove much loose fur or decrease shedding. It also didn’t collect any of the loose hair, so we had a larger mess to clean up afterward than with some of the other brushes we tried.Pros

  • Loop holds onto your hand
  • Rubber bristles are gentle on your dogs’ skin
  • Our dogs loved the feel
  • Cons

  • Small and uncomfortable for larger hands
  • Doesn’t remove much loose fur
  • Didn’t decrease shedding
  • Doesn’t collect loose hair