Can a male dog smell a female dog in heat? A Comprehensive Guide

Exercise The Dog

Can a male dog smell a female dog in heat?

If you are looking for a natural, chemical-free, and simple remedy for a male dog who has smelled a female dog on heat, try exercise.

A busy and tired canine is less likely to drive himself up the wall thinking about mating.

What’s better than exercising your pup to the extent that he will be too tired to bother about hunting down a female on heat?

Before you attach the leash and walk out of the door, you might want to take a step back and plan your strategy well.

For one, don’t use the same route the female dog uses during her walks.

Your male dog will certainly smell her scent and go bonkers. In the end, this will cause more problems.

Use a completely different route. If you are exercising in the yard, be sure to keep him away from your female’s favorite spots.

Apply “Lust Buster” On The Male Dog

Technically, “Lust Buster” is a blend of essential oils (like peppermint) that are believed to be effective in masking certain scents.

When applied to the male dog’s nose, it temporarily masks the scent produced by a female in estrus.

If you have ever participated in the show ring, you must have come across the product.

It is used to stop the male canines from being distracted by the tempting females in the ring.

How to Stop a Male Dog From Smelling a Female in Heat?

If there is no chance to get your male dog far away from the female in heat, you can try using safe essential oils or menthol spray to mask the smell of the female pheromones which will calm your male dog down.

Be careful with essential oils, discuss with your vet if you see any reactions, and don’t go overboard.

For maximum effect, these sprays can be used on females so they don’t attract other intact males.

But it’s also useful for males because when you cover your dog in essential oils or menthol he won’t be able to catch most of the pheromones emitted by the female.

The spray can be used multiple times a day.

If you have both female and male dogs in your home, you should clean more often with vinegar, bathe your female with appropriate shampoo, or think about doggy diapers to mask the female’s scent.

Can a male dog smell a female dog in heat?

The living area must be cleaned more often and using vinegar as a cleaning solution is a good option because it overpowers the pheromone scent.

During the 2-3 weeks of the heat cycle, increase the frequency of baths you give the female.

Use a mild shampoo and in the usual amount.

You can also add small amounts of apple cider vinegar to the bathwater for the female as well.

Sometimes adding a physical barrier like a doggy diaper on a female dog can hide the scent a bit.

But don’t get too comfortable doing only this and keep a close eye on the female.

How to calm a male dog when a female is in heat -12 methods

A male dog might have his world turned upside down when a dame of the same species lures him in with her enticing smell and movements.

Even though restlessness is more likely to happen, the behavioral shift depends on the male’s health and socialization status.

Unsocial and naturally fearful male dogs often won’t attempt to approach a female in heat no matter how much the smell entices them.

It’s so powerful that dogs can sense it from 2-3 miles away and start the mating trip instantly.

Only after receiving the scent of a female in estrus does a whole cascade of hormonal and biochemical processes take part in the male’s body.

You might feel like your male dog goes into some form of heat too, but what is that process really?