Can a puppy choke on a Kong? A Step-by-Step Guide

Can you trust a puppy to be alone with any toys?

It is never recommended to allow a puppy to be truly alone with any toys. Some toys have a higher risk than other toys, for example, stuffed toys can be a higher risk than a quality rubber toy, such as a Kong or Nylabone.

If you are leaving your puppy alone at home, then you should ensure they don’t have access to stuffed toys. These are higher risk than a strong, quality rubber toy. But also keep in mind that a specific rubber “puppy” toy will likely have softer, less durable rubber.

This is due to their puppy teeth. But some puppies have razor-sharp teeth and crocodile jaw strength, meaning these toys won’t last long.

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Can you trust a puppy alone with Kong or Nylabone toys?

No, the simplest answer is you can’t trust a puppy to be alone with Kong or Nylabone toys. Kong and Nylabone toys for puppies are relatively safe, but if left unsupervised, there is always a risk that your puppy could chew off a piece and choke or hurt themselves.

Puppies’ teeth are sharp and depending on bite strength, there is always a risk of rubber coming apart from the main body of the toys.

However, there is a caveat. The American Kennel Club states that you should only ever leave your pup unsupervised with a toy you know is safe and to closely watch how the toy holds up during playtime before ever letting your pup be alone with it.

The rule of thumb then is to never leave a puppy or dog alone with a new toy, whether it be Nylabone, Kong, or any other brand.

We can’t be expected to sit and watch our puppy all day long, even though we might want to! Your puppy is going to spend time chewing on a toy now and then unsupervised. But it’s important that you have already spent at least a few sessions with your puppy watching them with that toy.

If they cause any damage or even look like they are going to cause damage to the toy, then you should look for a more durable toy for them to be left alone with.

But always keep in mind to check in on your puppy as often as possible.

Can I leave my dog alone with a Kong?

It’s never a good idea to leave dogs alone with toys as the unexpected can happen and you may need to swoop in and sort out a problem.

However, durable Kong toys are relatively safe, and if you have already observed your dog with the toy and know they will not be able to break pieces off and choke, you may be able to leave them alone with the toy.

But puppies should not be left alone with the toy as they do not yet have the same self-knowledge to protect themselves.

Most DANGEROUS Dog Toy?! How you SHOULD NEVER use a kong, seriously!

Kong toys are among the most popular dog toys on the market. They’re a great way to keep dogs of all ages mentally stimulated, and they can help soothe the gums of teething puppies and teach them positive chewing habits.

But one question many pet parents new to Kong toys have is how do you actually stuff Kong toys for puppies?

In this article, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of Kong toys for puppies. First, we’ll look at the Kong range for puppies and the special features they offer that make them excellent and healthy toys for growing dogs.

Next, we’ll take you through, step by step, how to actually stuff a Kong toy. While it is not challenging, it is possible to get it wrong.

A few tips and tricks will make sure you achieve the right difficulty level for your dog to keep them stimulated and not frustrated.

Finally, we’ll share a few DIY Kong stuffing treats if you don’t want to buy their ready-made options, and answer some of the most common questions about Kongs for puppies.