Can advantage make my dog itchy? Simple and Effective Tips

Where are the fleas coming from?

Fleas live on animals as well as in the environment. The flea population consists of adult fleas, immature larval stages, dormant pupae and then eggs, as you move down the list the numbers increase significantly which is why we refer to them as a pyramid.

Fleas in the environment, by this we mean anywhere a pet with fleas has been, the warmth of our homes provides a great breeding ground for fleas in carpets, pet bedding and just about any nook and cranny.

Cats can also carry the fleas and they do not even have to be your own cats, for example if a cat comes through your home or garden then the fleas can jump off or deposit eggs as they go. This is why we often advise treating the home environment and in-contact animals also.

What does it mean if my pet’s scratching their ears?

Animals which shake their head or scratch their ears will typically have an ear disease.

This is one of the most common reasons why pets are taken to their vets, and it can make your animal’s life a misery.

Often, people assume it’s a straight-forward ear infection, but generally there’ll be a reason why.

Certain breeds are prone to ear disease, such as your Spaniels with big, heavy ears. Young animals like puppies and kittens will be more prone to ear mites, which causes intense itchiness of the ears.

Finally, underlying allergies are another reason why dogs will scratch and scratch at their ears.

Can the fleas live on humans?

You will be relieved to hear that cat and dog fleas don’t tend to live on humans, fleas can however bite humans and cause an irritation at the site of such bites. Commonly humans find flea bites on their ankles, wrists or at their waist band as small itchy raised red areas on the skin.

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