Can coconut oil cure dog’s ear? Let’s Explore

What Kind of Coconut Oil to Use for Your Dog

In general, there are two kinds of coconut oil available in the mass market. Refined coconut oil is processed to remove some of the coconut solids after it’s pressed. Unrefined, or virgin coconut oil is not processed as much and retains more of the therapeutic compounds that treat infections and inflammation.

Look for virgin coconut oil and if you can find an organic one, all the better for the environment. You can find virgin coconut oil in most grocery stores as well as ordering it online. I like Raw Paws Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats, 16-oz -… which is both unrefined and organic.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Dogs’ Ears

If your dog has an ear problem for the first time, it’s best to see your vet for a proper diagnosis. For dogs with a chronic, low-grade ear infection, you can do home care consisting of regular cleaning followed by applying coconut oil.

I recommend Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner, 8 oz as an ear wash. It is gentle and effective at removing waxy goo from inflamed dog ears. It has a mild aroma and doesn’t sting inflamed skin the way apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide does.

Depending on how inflamed the ears are, I have my clients use dog ear cleaner daily for a week, or for less severe cases once or twice a week.

Make sure to literally flood the ear canal with the liquid, wiping out the excess with a soft cotton ball. If you see blood, stop the procedure as wiping more can make inflammation worse.

After cleaning with Epi-Otic Advanced, allow at least 30 minutes for the ears to dry.

Can coconut oil cure dog’s ear?

Use Calendula Oil to Remove Mites or Bacteria

Removing the bacteria or mites is simple because all you need is a glass jar of calendula flowers filled with olive oil. Leave this jar for a couple of days for the oil to absorb the calendula then use a liquid dropper to squeeze five drops of this mixture on the affected area.

Wait for approximately one minute then clean the cotton swab. Calendula is very reliable when it comes to bacterial infection, and it works great on the removal of mites, which could have been a possible cause of the infection.

Can Coconut Oil Cure Dog Ear Infections? | DogVela

Most dogs with aches and pain in their ear are diagnosed with an ear infection from either a yeast or bacterial microorganism. While an ongoing condition should be treated at the vet, the majority of minor ear infections can be treated naturally at home.

Here at Dope Dog we care about a man’s best friend and want to provide information on DIY treatments to get rid of ear infections.