Can coconut oil make dogs sick? Essential Tips

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs?

Can coconut oil make dogs sick?

  • Lauric Acid – Weve already mentioned the anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil. The lauric acid is also supposed to fight off viruses.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides – Some vets believe that the MCTs in coconut oil aid in digestion and can help heal digestive disorders, as well as improve brain energy and mental function in older dogs.
  • Reduces coughing and helps eliminate hairballs.
  • Topical Benefits – Its been known to help skin conditions like hot spots, bites, stings, or itchy, dry skin. Shampoos made with organic oils such as coconut oil can improve damaged skin and reduce allergens. Some pet owners have even made a DIY paw balm with coconut oil as one of the ingredients.
  • Makes dogs coats glossy and sleek.
  • Eliminates doggy odor.
  • Benefits metabolic function, weight loss, arthritis and bone health.
  • But, and this is a big “but,” there is skepticism among scientists and veterinarians about all of these claims. According to Dr. Kathy Boehme at the Drake Center for Veterinary Care in California, while coconut oil has beneficial topical uses, its not the cure-all some believe it is. Before you make the decision to use it for whatever ails your dog, talk to your vet and take into account that there have been no credible studies proving that coconut oil aids in thyroid dysfunction, weight loss, gum and teeth diseases, or cancer prevention.

    Additionally, coconut oil doesnt provide the daily fat requirements your dog needs. The acids in MCTs dont have enough omega-6 and omega-3 acids, and what it does contain isnt processed very efficiently. As for claims that MCTs protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, while the lauric acid in MCTs does kill germs in lab tests, there is no clear evidence that it can be used in great enough quantities to offer dogs much protection.

    However, given that so many pet owners are wary of the overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics and anti-fungals, you and your vet may decide its worth trying this natural and holistic approach.

    How to mitigate diarrhea after dog eats coconut oil:

  • Feed your dog 100% canned pumpkin in small quantities. Canned pumpkin hardens loose stools. This will help prevent your dog from pooping out all their liquids.
  • Consider a bland diet. If diarrhea and vomiting occur, consider a bland diet of cooked chicken and rice for a few days. This will help make the vomiting less frequent and the stools harder. In addition, it will limit the amount of coconut oil food reaction in your dog.
  • How Much MCT Is In Coconut Oil?

    The amount of MCT in coconut oil depends on what you consider an MCT …

    On average, coconut oil is about 2/3 MCTs. But half of that amount is lauric acid. And researchers say that’s a potential problem …

    With 12 carbon atoms, lauric acid is officially considered an MCT.

    But lauric acid doesn’t behave like a MCT. And it has a sordid past …

    Is coconut oil bad for dogs?