Can dogs digest turkey bones? Here’s the Answer

Can dogs eat raw turkey bones?

After reading all of these potential consequences, you’re probably wondering if your pup can even have turkey bones at all. The answer is yes, as long as the bones are raw. Raw bones, in general, are usually a good option for pups to have, but turkey and chicken bones (as well as other types of poultry) still tend to be thinner and splinter easier. So if you do share some raw bone with your dog, it’s important that you supervise them closely when they’re eating.

Raw bones and meat can come with additional risks for foodborne illness. Most healthy dogs should be able to handle raw bones. But, if you have an elderly or immunocompromised dog, check with your vet before feeding anything raw. Remember to clean your dog’s dish and any cutting boards, knives, and food prep areas that came in contact with raw meat or bone to avoid the spread of bacteria and foodborne illnesses.

We already know that turkey meat can be safe for our dogs to eat, but what happens if they get their teeth on the carcass of the bird?

Honestly, turkey bones, as with chicken bones and other forms of poultry are actually very bad for our dogs. These bones shatter easily and create dangerous shards that can do a lot of damage if consumed.

The holidays are here and that means things are getting hectic in the kitchen. The turkey is being cooked for Thanksgiving. Your dog is underfoot. And that can mean that things get missed, accidents happen, and sometimes those turkey bones that were meant for the trash end up in your dog’s mouth.

While it is entirely possible that your dog will be fine if they eat a bone (we have had it happen and spent days freaking out at any little sound our pup made), the reality is that there are some very scary things that can happen if our dog gets into the bones.

Why Can’t My Dog Eat Turkey Bones?

When a dog chews on bones, there are a few different things that can happen.

Bones, especially cooked bones, turkey bones, and chicken bones, can break into very sharp pieces. Those sharp pieces can stab your dog in the mouth, the throat, the stomach, or even the intestines. This can cause severe pain for your dog, and potentially an emergency with a very sick dog if the intestines get holes poked in them.

Bone pieces can get stuck in your dog’s stomach or intestines, causing a blockage that may need surgery to resolve. Or they can make your dog severely constipated. (Nobody likes a constipated dog…)

If the bones do make it all the way through, sharp bone pieces can cause pain and bleeding when they are passed out with the stool.

Other types of bones can get stuck on your dog’s lower jaw, in their mouth, or in their throat, needing anesthesia and sometimes surgery to remove.

Give a Dog A Turkey Bone?