Can dogs eat crackers and cheese? Let’s Explore

What’s bad about Cheez-Its for dogs?

Can dogs eat crackers and cheese?

As you might have guessed from the ingredients list, Cheez-Its contain a high level of salt. Too much salt or sodium can result in your dog vomiting or suffering from diarrhea. It can even cause sodium ion poisoning. Dogs shouldn’t eat more than 100 milligrams of sodium per day, so if your dog did accidentally eat a whole serving of Cheez-Its, that’s going to provide over double their recommended sodium intake.

Symptoms of sodium ion poisoning include:

  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive thirst
  • Diarrhea
  • Fluid accumulation
  • If left untreated, sodium ion poisoning can lead to tremors, seizures, and potentially kidney damage.

    The dairy content in Cheez-Its can also cause allergy flare-ups for some dogs. The Cummings Veterinary Center at Tufts University lists dairy ingredients as one of the major canine food allergies. If your dog seems to be suffering from itchy red skin or digestive issues after eating some of these crackers, then they may be suffering from an allergic reaction.

    As if that wasn’t enough to put you off giving these to your dog as a snack, Cheez-Its are relatively high in fat. Dogs do need some fat in their diets, but too much can become difficult for them to digest. This can lead to their pancreas becoming inflamed, leading to a painful condition called pancreatitis.

    Can dogs eat crackers and cheese?

    When Are Cheez-Its Okay For Dogs To Eat?

    As an occasional snack, Cheez-Its are okay to serve to your dog. Unless they have a dairy or wheat allergy, there isn’t much in the average portion of Cheez-Its that will prove poisonous to your dog.

    Additionally, your dog might feel like they are bonding with you if you wind up sharing the same snacks together.

    From a nutritional point of view, there isn’t too much to recommend about Cheez-Its; although, they will provide your dog with an amount of calcium.

    In terms of portions, it’s best to only let your dog snack on around one-to-two individual crackers for every ten pounds of body weight.

    Can dogs eat Honey Graham Crackers?

    Can dogs eat crackers and cheese?

    No, dogs should not eat Honey Graham Crackers because they are high in salt, sugar, fat, and calories. You can give your K9 pals 1 or 2 Honey Graham Crackers, but any more than that can cause weight gain, diabetes, and even sodium ion poisoning in dogs.

    If you feed your four-legged friends Honey Graham Crackers, it’s best to provide them with a bowl of fresh cool water because they may feel thirsty. Avoid feeding them any more snacks for the remainder of the day.

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    Cheez Its are a popular snack! From an addition to a school lunch to an afternoon snack, who can resist their cheesy goodness? Your dog sure would love a bite, or two, or ten, but can dogs eat Cheez Its? Or are Cheez Its bad for dogs? These are important questions you should ask yourself before considering sharing this snack with your dog!