Can dogs have compromised immune system? A Step-by-Step Guide

What is Weak Immune System Due to Hereditary Disorder?

Recurrent or persistent infections can indicate an immunodeficiency disorder, especially in young animals. Most cases of immunodeficiency are related to a secondary disorder, such as a tumor on the thyroid or an allergic reaction to something in the environment. Primary immunodeficiencies are disorders that are genetic in nature and often related to the breed of the animal. This deficiency in the immune system leaves the affected animal more open to contracting communicable diseases and less able to rid their body of them once they are acquired. There is no consistently effective treatment for these disorders in canines and they often prove fatal very early in life.

Primary immunodeficiency disorders are genetically transmitted dysfunctions in the immune system that weaken the dog’s natural ability to fight infections. This disorder is often fatal before the canine reaches maturity.

Weak Immune System Due to Hereditary Disorder Average Cost

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Treatment of Weak Immune System Due to Hereditary Disorder in Dogs

In most primary disorders relating to the immune system, there is no real treatment at this time. Supportive therapy may be attempted with antibiotics or antifungals to treat the acquired infection but it often proves to be resistant to treatment. In humans with these disorders bone marrow transplant is the treatment of choice. This is a complicated process and is often not technically feasible for canines at this time. In most cases, genetically related immune deficiencies are fatal before the dog reaches maturity. Treatment, therefore, focuses on reducing the effect of symptoms from secondary infections and attempting to prevent any further infections. Due to the immunocompromised animal’s susceptibility to contagions, this can prove a daunting task and success is rare. A colony of dogs affected by the X chromosome linked SCID has been established to further research in both the disease itself and in more effective treatments for the disorder, particularly better methods of bone marrow transplant and gene therapies. These findings may help treat cases of X-SCID more effectively for canines and for humans in the future.

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