Can dogs tell if you’ve eaten dog? Tips and Tricks

History of Dogs Smelling Other Dogs on Humans

Can dogs tell if you’ve eaten dog?

There is no historical evidence of the first time a dog smelled another dog on a person, but that is not to say it hasnt been happening for thousands of years. While we may not know a lot of about when dogs started sensing other dogs, we do know quite a bit about their sense of smell. When dogs smell something – whether you or the fire hydrant on the corner – they are getting an entire story. They find out more in one sniff than we can even imagine.

Whereas humans rely mainly on their vision, dogs rely on their sense of smell. You could even say they “see” through their nose. Thanks to their acute sense of smell, they are able to distinguish individuals and gain a better understanding of the world around them. This means they know where youve been and who youve been around, even if you try and disguise it!

Signs Your Dog Smells Another Dog On You

Like we just talked about, there is a good chance your dog will know when youve been around another dog. They can detect the unusual pheromone that is found in the urine, fecal matter, skin, and fur of other animals. Your dog will be able to tell a lot about where youve been and who youve been around.

In fact, dogs can tell if the other dog was male or female, what they ate, where theyve been, what theyve been exposed to, if theyve given birth, and even what kind of mood they are in. And the tell-tale sign your dog can smell another dog on you? They are sniffing you like theyve never sniffed before!

Here are some signs your dog can smell another dog on you:

These are other signs you might notice if your dog senses youve been around another dog:

Can Your Dog Really Smell Other Dogs on You?

Turns out our instincts as pets parents are correct: Yes, our dogs can smell other dogs on us. Dogs can detect not only new and unfamiliar smells, but also the pheromones of other canines (which are present in skin, fur, fecal matter and urine). So, the next time you come home after playing with a dog, know that your dog’s onto you. Not only can your dog tell if you’ve been cheating on them, their noses can also discover a lot of information about the dog you were playing with—including their sex, if the dog has given birth, what the dog had recently eaten, where they had recently been, and even what kind of mood they were in when you saw them.

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Well trained dogs oblige their masters. They sit, stay, and come when asked. Our faithful companions respond when we speak directly to them. Do they also understand when we talk to other people? Do they grasp our private telephone conversations? Do they comprehend our dinner table discussions? Are our dogs eavesdropping on us?