Can I feed my pitbull raw beef? Here’s What to Expect

Should Pit Bulls Eat Raw Meat?

This question has gained popularity in recent years, and it is understandable.

Dog owners, including Pitbull owners, would prefer to re-create the diet your dog would likely eat in the wild, which certainly does not include processed foods that you would purchase from a local pet store.

Always Be Careful Where You Get Your Information About Raw Meat Diets for Your Pitbull

In fact, I find it somewhat laughable that one of the primary sources for this information is on Purina websites claiming that you should never feed your dog raw meat.

Purina has a great motivation for stating this fact, even if it requires them to hire their own expertise with a Ph.D. to certify the information.

How much exactly would Purina lose if they do not state this information?

Well, in 2018 alone, according to the Pet Food Industry, Purina has a revenue of $13.2 billion dollars per year.

I also want to point out that Purina is considered a publicly-traded company meaning that Purina has a stock you can purchase on the New York Stock Exchange (Nestle ADR).

This means that they also have investors to please, the board of directors to keep happy and would not be very well served by stating that you can switch to a food that they do not make revenue from.

While I am only one opinion on this matter, the picture I am trying to paint is simple.

Make sure that if you want to bash feeding your Pitbull a raw meat diet, that you are understanding the source of the information you are reading and not reading the advice from a company with a lot to lose.

For example, I have nothing to gain nor lose by providing you this information about raw meat diets for your Pitbull.

I have no publicly-traded company, no revenue, and certainly do not have $13.2 billion dollars on the line for having this discussion and educating you on the topic.

I want to look at some of the benefits of raw meat diets for your Pitbull Terrier.

What raw meat can dogs eat?

Common proteins in a raw meat diet include eggs, bones milk and these meats:

One type of meat dog owners should be aware of is denatured meat, sometimes called 3D or 4D meat. This meat typically comes from dying, dead or diseased animals, Rogue Pet Science writes. While being processed, this meat is often deemed unfit for human consumption and ends up in pet food. Its a legal but dangerous fact because of the bacteria and chemicals used in manufacturing.

What Feeding RAW FOOD To My Pitbull Looks Like!