Can I give my dog canned beef? Here’s What to Do Next

Canned beef stew is high in sodium.

Canned beef stew often contains high levels of sodium, which could be excessive for both dogs and humans.

For example, a 120 ml serving of Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup already contains 890 milligrams of sodium. With that, a single 298-gram can of this beef stew is packed with 2,225 mg of salt.

In addition, the 120 ml serving with 890 mg of salt only contains 90 calories. This is too much compared to the recommended sodium intake for canines, which is 100 mg for every 100 calories of food.

This means that even a small serving of Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup has unsafe sodium levels for dogs.

To be fair, not all canned beef stews have this much sodium. Still, it’s undeniable that these products are formulated with high levels of salt as a preservative.

Aside from that, beef stews are really meant to be flavorful. One way to do that is to use more sodium.

What are the benefits of canned beef stew for dogs?

There are many benefits of feeding your dog canned beef stew. First, it is a great source of protein and essential nutrients. Second, it is a relatively low-cost food option. Third, it is easy to store and prepare. Finally, canned beef stew is highly palatable for dogs, which means they are likely to eat it all up!

What canned food can dogs eat?

The only canned food dogs can eat is the one made specifically for them. Any canned food formulated for humans isn’t advisable for dogs since it contains too much sodium and seasonings.

Aside from that, canned food for humans is made based on a person’s dietary needs. It’s not prepared with dogs in mind.

After all, dogs have a different dietary requirements than humans. This is why you should stick with dog food products or homemade dog food with the right ingredients.

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