Can I give my dog Weetabix? Tips and Tricks

Can Dogs Have Weetabix For Constipation

More fiber can certainly help your dog empty their anal glands, but even if they have a healthy digestive system they should not eat Weetabix.

Pumpkin puree is a safer and healthier option if your dog has constipation.

Even plain Weetabix has too much sugar for dogs.

If you don’t know whether your dog has a grain intolerance, don’t give them Weetabix. It’s packed with whole wheat.

Small dried pieces of salmon or other smelly, dog-safe treats are better training for dogs.

Do not use Weetabix as a meal replacement either. Feed your dog a well-balanced diet that is full of protein.

Even though whole-grain wheat has a higher nutritional value than regular wheat, it doesn’t mean to say that it’s good for dogs to eat, especially in large amounts.

If you want to give your dog a treat… find something healthy that’s designed for them!

As to whether or not dogs can eat Weetabix as a treat (or rather should they), I would say a hard no.

The potential health benefits of Weetabix for humans are not the same for dogs and feeding your dog Weetabix over a prolonged period poses many potential risks.

Wheat is a cereal grain commonly used in breads. Regular wheat comes from the seeds of wheat grass, which are ground and refined by removing the bran (outer layer) and germ (inner part) to leave the starchy element at the centre of the grain (endosperm).

Why your dog may need extra fibre

These are the common reasons your dog may need extra fibre in their diet, and fibre will help with the below.

Fibre is a type of complex carbohydrate. It’s different from other starches in that it resists digestion in the small intestines. Typically, fibre is fermented in the large intestine, which means it takes a lot longer to digest than simple carbohydrates.

Proper fibre intake is essential for a healthy digestive system. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut, which will improve bowel regularity and produce firm stools that are easy to pass. Fibre also helps create an acidic environment inside the intestine to prevent undesirable bacterial overgrowth.

Fibre helps your pup maintain a healthy balance in the gut, which regulates bowel movements and keeps the colon clean to avoid specific diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stomach upset and colitis. The fibre aids both diarrhoea or constipation

Other than changing your dog’s diet to having better quality food with better ingredients, you can also try the following:

  • Better quality daily dog food
  • High fibre daily dog food diet
  • Psyllium husk
  • StoolRite
  • Flaxseed for dogs
  • Chia seeds for dogs
  • Fibre powders, tablets, and liquids found here from amazon will be better used than Weetabix.

    Can I Give My Dog Weetabix?

    We love breakfast cereal in our house and get through boxes and boxes of the stuff. Our dog seemed to love it too. He’s a sneaky thing, and we’ve caught him lapping up the milk-mush remains of our breakfast a few times. We didn’t always realise the potential dangers of feeding our dog food made for people but now we’re more careful. In our last post can dogs eat shreddies? We got thinking about another cereal we eat regularly, so we wanted to find out can dogs eat Weetabix?

    This isn’t professional advice. We’ve based this post on research and our own experience. Always check the ingredients before giving your dog something meant for humans. Ask a veterinarian if you’re in doubt.