Can I put natural conditioner on my dog? Let’s Explore

What does using a dog conditioner do?

A healthy diet, hydration, grooming regularly and supplements are important to skin and coat health. But the secret to a shiny fur coat and moisturised skin is from using a good conditioner on your dog.

Sun damage, licking, chewing, dirt, tangles, bad weather, sand, and the many external allergens wreak daily havoc on a dogs skin and fur. A well conditioned coat produces natural oils, which are distributed along hair shafts, giving your dog that natural glow and allowing debris and dead hair to slip off. The well-balanced skin and coat becomes more resistant to parasites, infections and external allergens. Whereas, a dry coat and skin has debris and dead hair clinging, appearing dull and causing irritation and itch.

Our intensive, dog conditioning mask restores vitality, lusture and softness to the coat whilst soothing dry and flaky skin. The skin produces the fur, so if the dogs skin is dry or damaged, the coat will be in poor condition.

So can I use conditioner on my dog?

Using human hair conditioner on your dog is a bad idea! Dogs have different skin and fur to humans, especially when it comes to allergens and pH levels. We have combined and selected the best oils and natural ingredients for your dog. Our dog conditioner is designed to heal and protect against the daily damage leaving your pooch with a silky soft and nourished coat. So save your conditioner for your hair – you may even find yourself trying your dogs instead!

Recipe #1

Combine the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk until completely blended. Eggs are extremely high in protein, so they help to strengthen the coat while leaving it with a beautiful shine. Massage the egg mixture into your dogs coat and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

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Mixing coconut oil with other ingredients such as honey makes a great skin conditioner as well as a wash for your dog’s skin and coat. If you make a homemade conditioner, only make what you need for each treatment.