Can I put Visine eye drops in my dog’s eyes? Surprising Answer

What Can Cause Eye Issues for Dogs?

If your dog has dry, itchy, red eyes, there can be several different causes that should be evaluated by the vet. Among these are:

  • Conjunctivitis – a common eye inflammation
  • An eye condition like glaucoma or cherry eye
  • Allergic reactions to things like grasses, pollens, chemicals, or other substances
  • Some type of foreign body like dirt or an insect in the eye
  • A scratched cornea
  • If your dog displays symptoms of an eye condition, such as excessive tearing or the secretion of pus or other discharge, it is very important that you take them in to see the vet immediately for a proper diagnosis and treatment. The veterinarian may be able to diagnose the problem or may send you to a veterinary ophthalmologist who has specialized training to help diagnose the reason behind your dogs eye problems.

    A good rule of thumb to follow is to have any issues with your dogs eyes or adjacent tissues evaluated by your pups vet as soon as possible, preferably within 12 hours in order to reduce the risk of further damage. This gives the vet more time to diagnose and treat the problem and helps to increase the chance that any treatment he offers can take care of the problem and restore your dogs eyes to good health.

    You are not recommended to use Visine on your dog if it has eye problems. The active ingredient, tetrahydrozoline HCL, has not been tested in detail on animals, and there are still unfamiliar cardiac and neurological effects that may result from using it. Applying Visine to your dog’s eyes may reduce some redness, but you will put your pet at risk of further eye injury. The drug narrows blood vessels and contains some preservatives that may further irritate the eyes. If applied without caution or regard, it could cause blindness.

    If you have ever experienced irritation or burning in yours eyes you know the effectiveness of Visine or other over-the-counter eye drops in alleviating those painful symptoms. Do you know what to do if your dog is experiencing that same discomfort? Administering Visine eye drops is not the answer. The FDA does not approve the drug for pets, and if your dog has eye issues from conjunctivitis, glaucoma, allergic reaction, or invasion of foreign objects, using Visine can cause more harm than good.

    In some situations, a saline solution would be a safer alternative to Visine eye drops. But even then, preparing a saline solution of the right concentration can be tricky, and only a veterinarian or ophthalmologist will be properly equipped for the task. Consult your veterinarian so they can point you to a dog-friendly alternative to help their eyes.

    Can I use human conjunctivitis drops on my dog?

    Human eye drops and other medications should not be administered, because they can aggravate the condition or even cause permanent damage to your dog’s eye. Medication (Note: Conjunctivitis medication has the potential to worsen an injury to the cornea, and can even cause blindness.

    Can I Give My Dog Human Eye Drops?

    Visine, while a great resource for humans with irritated yes, is not FDA certified for pets and could do your dog’s eyes serious harm! Visine is for human use and approved for that use only, so it’s imperative you don’t grab it as soon as your dog has eye problems.