Can I use Aveeno Hydrocortisone on my dog? The Ultimate Guide

Historically, hydrocortisone cream was developed for use by humans in order to help relieve itching and inflammation caused by various factors. The FDA has never approved the cream for use on pets, which is why dog owners need to be careful. Following research that has been carried out into the use of this steroid cream on dogs, it has been discovered that if the cream is ingested by pets through licking and swallowing, it can cause various side effects. This includes stomach upsets and other side effects.

This steroid cream is a corticosteroid that is used for topical applications in humans in order to address skin issues caused by infections, allergies, and other problems. It is not an approved medication for canines, but it can be used in small quantities on dogs if they have inflammation and itching of the skin. However, it needs to be applied with caution so that your dog is unable to lick it off and swallow it. In addition, it should not be applied to open wounds and sores.

If there are inflammation and redness but no open wounds or sores, you can apply a little of the steroid cream. It is important to part the fur as much as possible so that you get the cream onto the skin rather than onto your dog’s coat. If the cream simply goes on the coat rather than the skin, it will not prove helpful in relieving the discomfort for your pet.

There are also some other signs your dog may be feeling unwell due to a skin problem. For instance, they may not have the same appetite as usual or they may show little interest in playing or going for walks. In addition, they may come across as having no energy due to less movement than usual, but this is often due to the discomfort that is experienced while moving.

It is also important to remember that, as in humans, hydrocortisone does not sort out all skin issues, so if the problem persists after you have applied the cream to your pooch, it is advisable to make an appointment at the vet’s to get it checked out. This will enable the root cause of the problem to be identified and then your dog can get the proper treatment to provide relief.

Other Canine Allergies

Dogs may experience occasional allergic reactions.

You’ll know your dog is suffering from allergies if they exhibit any of the following signs: runny nose, excessive sneezing, biting and licking their paws, rash development, itchy skin, and/or lethargy.

While a chronic allergy in dogs is best looked at by a veterinarian, non-threatening allergies – many of which are present seasonally – can be treated with hydrocortisone cream for dogs and other hydrocortisone products, such as flea allergy dermatitis (15).

However, it’s important to note that hydrocortisone will not treat allergy at its core.

The effect of hydrocortisone use is merely easing any potential inflammation or itchiness found on your pet’s skin.

Can I wash my dog in Aveeno?

Aveeno wash & shampoo will give your pup’s skin and coat a soft, smooth, and healthier feel.

Is hydrocortisone cream safe for dogs?

The Aveeno lotion was made for humans but dogs can benefit from it too. It is free of toxic ingredients that can wreak havoc in a canine’s system, making it safe to use around dogs. As long as you keep it away from open sores and use the right amount, your dog should be absolutely fine.