Can puppies eat raw chicken breast? The Ultimate Guide

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones?

As you know, dogs love bones and a lot of vets will suggest that you feed your dog raw meaty bones.

In addition to their nutritious composition, eating meaty bones helps in keeping the dog’s dental health intact by cleaning the dog’s teeth and gums. Not only that but it will also help in cleansing the digestive tract.

You might be worried because bones are hard. However, the enzymes in a dog’s stomach are able to digest it.

One thing you need to know is that you should not cook them before giving them to your dog.

It’s also best not to give dogs the chicken leg bone.

Chicken bones are not as tough as beef bones, so they’re much easier to break and splinter when they’re cooked.

This can lead to painful cuts or blockages in the dog’s mouth or gums. Even worse, it can puncture its digestive tract or choke them.

That’s why some owners that choose to feed their dogs raw chicken meat will still not feed them raw chicken bones.

How Much Raw Chicken Can A Dog Eat?

Ideally, a dog can eat 2% to 3% of its body weight in raw meat.

This amount is usually split over two meals a day. This also applies to raw chicken.

However, you should remember that raw chicken meat isn’t as “complete meal” as raw beef meat.

For that reason, you shouldn’t rely solely on chicken as the complete nutrition for your dog.

Instead, you may want to add them as an alternative every few days or use them as treats.

Risks of Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs

Can puppies eat raw chicken breast?

Some risks of eating raw chicken include bacterial contamination from raw meat and choking hazards or internal punctures from bones. Feeding only raw chicken can also lead to an unbalanced diet that may cause health complications.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Breast Everyday? | DogVela

Some will slurp up bugs without a second thought, while others will gladly gnaw on the rancid food they find near trash cans or under picnic tables.

My dog tries to sneak a mouthful of mud from time to time, and others will even eat poop they find during walks (or when they sneak into the cat’s litter box).

These types of items can all be problematic, but there’s one thing that dogs frequently sample that really freaks owners out: raw chicken.

Whether they find it in your kitchen’s trash can, or they jump up on the counter while you’re cooking for a bite, or they gobble up dropped pieces that hit the floor, many dogs seem to love eating raw chicken.

This can cause many owners to worry, given the obvious dangers raw chicken presents to people. But fortunately, raw chicken rarely causes as much trouble for dogs as it does for people.

We’ll discuss some of these potential issues further below and explain what you need to do if you observe your dog eating uncooked chicken.