Can puppies pretend to wee? Here’s What to Expect

#6: Your Dog Might Have Anxiety

My friend’s chihuahua has some severe anxiety issues. I have no idea why. She has a devoted, loving owner, comfortable bedding, and plenty of tasty, nutritious food. Nothing is missing in her life from what I can tell and yet she still seems to get stressed and nervous – particularly when she’s outside. And I believe that’s why she fake pees.

By pretending to pee in front of her owner, the owner automatically thinks she’s done her business, and that they can go back home. What she doesn’t know (or at least didn’t know until I made her aware of it) is that her chihuahua is simply pretending to pee in a bid to return to her safe and cozy bed.

It turns out, chihuahuas are known for their nervous tendencies. If you’ve noticed he or she’s been fake peeing every time you take her out for walks, it could be down to nervousness and anxiety. The best thing you can do is visit a veterinarian for professional guidance on how to treat your chihuahua’s anxiety.

Alternatively, you could try re-potty training her and giving her treats every time she actually pees. This way, she’ll learn that urinating while outside leads to a tasty reward. And honestly, I don’t think she’d turn that down!

#2: Your Dogs Wants to Stay Out Longer

Another reason your dog pretends to be could be because he doesn’t want to go home yet. From what I’ve read on pet Reddit threads, this seems pretty common. Is he or she constantly cocking up their leg or squatting and nothing is coming out? Your pooch is probably just doing it so he can stay outside longer.

My dog fake pees when he actually just wants to sniff the area. I didn’t realize it until I started paying attention and noticed nothing was coming out.

The dude was totally fooling me! I think this scenario is especially common with male dogs, as they like sniffing more than females. My dog will literally try to sniff every few meters, and that’s when he starts cocking up his leg pretending to urinate.

It’s as if he’s trying to convince me he still needs to go. Now I’ve grown accustomed to his shenanigans, so I’m no longer fooled by this trick.

Keep greeting low-key.

To tell you in brief, do not concentrate if your dog is going to pretend to pee. When you give your attention, your dog can be motivated.


Why won’t my dog pee?! If your pooch is reluctant to pee, there could be many reasons. Some of the most common are:

The first thing you need to do is work out if you have a “can’t pee” or “won’t pee” situation. In other words, is the reason physical or psychological?