Can small dogs be litter box trained? Get Your Pet Thinking

Potty Pads: All-Absorb Training Pads Review

Potty pads are popular when first housebreaking dogs. Potty pads are thick sheets of diaper-like material that you place on the floor. Ideally, you put a clean pad close to the door to encourage the dog to go to the door when they need to go to the toilet.

Potty pads are affordable but one of the messiest indoor dog toilets because they can leak on the floor and are difficult to pick up without spilling the contents. If your dog does miss, you’ll need to sanitize the area with pet-friendly, odor-reducing cleaners.

One of the benefits of potty pads is that they’re easy to pack for potties on the go. We like these All-Absorb training pads because they’re super absorbent, have an odor-neutralizer, and are quick drying. They’re also an excellent value. We also review several other dog pee pads for you to consider.



  • Can use them for urination and defecation at home or on the go
  • Affordable option
  • Super absorbent with an odor-neutralizer
  • Urine can leak
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Disposal of the potty pad can add odor to your trash

Shiba Inu

Can small dogs be litter box trained?

Weighing only 15-22 pounds (8-10 kilos), the Shiba Inu comfortably fits in most litter boxes.

Although he doesn’t do well when it comes to obedience training, this dog is surprisingly easy to housetrain. Whether you are using a crate, pad, or litter box, the Shiba Inu will quickly follow what you tell him to do.

For the best results, begin the training as early as you can to make the process easier and faster for you.

Dog Diapers: Simple Solution Washable Cover-Ups

While cover-ups are not necessarily indoor toilets, many dog owners use them when their dog is experiencing incontinence problems. More often than not, when dog owners turn to this solution, it’s because their dog can no longer control their bathroom bodily functions.

These cover-ups aren’t recommended for dogs that don’t have difficulties controlling bathroom functions leading to additional complications. As with human children that wear diapers, dogs can experience rashes and irritation from waste material being held close to the skin for an extended period. Cover-ups are also very restricting of a dog’s movement.

Only use this solution if your dog has a medical condition. Learn more in our reviews of the best dog diapers.

How to Litter Box Train Puppies and Dogs

Some people, experienced trainers included, feel that puppy pads and other indoor potty areas can confuse your dog, making her think it’s okay to relieve herself anywhere she wants in your home.

But I think they’re a lifesaver when you are unable to take your dog outside as often as she needs.

Whether you live in an apartment, have a full-time job outside your home, or live in an area that’s unsafe to walk at night, it’s better to have your dog have an appropriate place to relieve herself indoors than to not be able to take her out enough.

Puppy pads CAN cause confusion. They’re also not biodegradable, and they’re messy to clean up, especially if they leak or if your dog misses.

I like the idea of a doggy litterbox because it is unlike any carpet you have in your home. It simulates going potty in the dirt. So, it’s somewhat less likely to confuse your dog into thinking your whole house is her bathroom.