Can two dogs stay home alone? A Step-by-Step Guide

Leaving a dog and a cat together when you’re not home

Don’t leave a dog and a cat loose together if …

1. For whatever reason, you have any doubts. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Can two dogs stay home alone?

2. Your cat is nervous or tense around the dog or scared of the dog. Trust her instincts.

3. You haven’t had both pets for at least 2 or 3 months to really get to know them and how they interact. Even if someone told you “he’s cat friendly!” or “She loves dogs!” That means very little.

4. The dog tends to chase the cat, even if he’s just “playing.” Or if the cat tends to bolt away from the dog.

5. They’ve ever fought in the past.

6. If either tends to guard or show possessiveness of food bowls, beds, certain rooms, etc., and you’re not 100 percent certain the other will back off. For example, my cats won’t allow my dog Ace to enter certain rooms. He just turns around and leaves. Or cries.

7. You catch your dog staring at the cat or fixating on the cat, even if it seems “playful.” For example, is your dog obsessively following the cat around, whining or pawing at her? Not cool.

Again, let me know what you’d add to the list.

Taking precautions about leaving two dogs loose together

When I foster dogs with unknown histories around cats, I always leave the foster dog in a crate in a bedroom with the door closed. Then, I put my cats in another bedroom with that door closed. That way, there are two doors (plus the crate) separating the foster dog and my cats.

Sound extreme? Maybe, but I’ve had multiple dogs break out of their crates. One then proceeded to rip apart my door frame.

Sadly, I also know someone whose cat was killed by her foster dogs after the dogs broke out of their crates. Such a heartbreaking story.

2) Avoid giving your dog free rein

Especially in the beginning, try to leave your dog in an area where they feel comfortable. Once your buddy gets more used to being left alone at home, they can then be on their own without any restriction.

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Leaving Dog Home Alone: 8, 12, 24 Hours

With regard to companionship, it suggests that dogs should not be left alone for more than four hours a day depending on their age.