Can you catch eye infection from dog? Tips and Tricks

Can Dogs Give Humans Pink Eye?

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) in dogs is just as unpleasant as it is for humans and, unfortunately, is just as common as well. Humans often experience pink eye due to a variety of factors, including viruses such as the common cold, bacteria, external irritants, and parasites.

What Is Pink Eye in Animals?

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) in dogs has similar causes and symptoms to pink eye in humans. Pink eye is the inflammation of the tissue that coats the eye, also known as the conjunctiva. This inflammation of the small blood vessels makes the vessels more visible, giving the whites of the eyes a reddish or pink tone.

Dogs of all ages are susceptible to pink eye, and it can sometimes appear on its own. Another cause would be an underlying eye condition. While the infection typically starts in one eye, in rare cases, it may become contagious, and can spread to the uninfected eye. If you suspect your dog is suffering from pink eye, it is essential to have your pup examined by a professional. They can determine the type, cause, severity, and then recommend a course of treatment so your furry friend can get back to top-notch health again.

The main types of pink eye in animals include infectious and non-infectious. Causes of both infectious and non-infectious pink eye in dogs can include:

● Dust mites ● Pollen ● Virus ● Mold ● Drugs ● Upper respiratory infection ● Inflammation of the tear duct

How Do I Treat My Dog’s Eye Infection?

If the eye infection is viral, supportive treatment for symptoms, by providing soothing eye drops, warm compresses, and monitoring to ensure secondary infection does not develop is provided. The virus should pass in several days.

If a bacterial infection is present, topical antibiotic will be provided that will need to be instilled into your dogs eyes as directed. Oral antibiotics may also be provided, if deemed necessary, especially if infection in other parts of the body is suspected. Allergy medication or medication for other conditions such as dry eye may also be necessary. If a parasitic or fungal infection is present it will need to be treated as well.

You should wipe away eye discharge with a clean wet cloth, lukewarm water is recommended.

To prevent eye infection, or aid in healing, try trimming hair from around the eyes to help reduce contamination of your dogs eyes and keep their face clean. You can also purchase dog goggles, specifically for dogs, if they are continually exposed to dusty, irritating conditions, making them prone to eye infections.

Eye Infections in Pets