Can you do a DNA test on a dog? Here’s What to Do Next

Submitting your results If you use The Kennel Club’s DNA Testing Services, your results will be automatically uploaded to your dog’s record, so there’s no need for you to do anything. Many other laboratories also submit DNA test results directly to us to record on our database, so that you don’t have to. You can find a list of DNA test that we record and whether a laboratory submits results straight to us, or if you need to do it yourself, on the health section of each breeds entry on our

If a recognised laboratory does not submit results to us for a DNA test that we already record, then you can submit them yourself by scanning and emailing them to

Test your dog with The Kennel Club’s DNA Testing Services

The Kennel Club’s DNA Testing Services offers a simple and cost-effective way to DNA test your dog for the priority DNA tests for their breed. By choosing our breed-specific packages, you can check your dog for a number of different genetic mutations all at the same time, making health testing easy and saving you from organising individual tests from several different laboratories.

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Breeding advice and understanding what your dog’s results mean If you’re thinking of breeding from your dog and want to know how to avoid producing puppies affected by the condition you’ve tested for, or if you just want to understand what you’re dog’s DNA test results mean, you can find out more on our

Our Health Test Results Finder can help you find the results for any dog on our records that has been screened for the DNA tests and screening schemes that we record.

Lists of dogs with clear, carrier or affected status can be found under the health section of each breeds entry on our Breeds A to Z.

Collective results for activity dogs can be found below. Breed-specific DNA test results statistics

Statistics on the number of dogs scored by a DNA test and their results can be accessed in our DNA testing breed-specific information.

A DNA profile gives you a unique genetic code for your dog – a little like your dog’s very own genetic fingerprint. This allows your dog’s DNA to be accurately identified and can be used for parentage analysis. Unlike other types of identification, a DNA profile stays the same throughout your dog’s entire life and cannot be lost, manipulated or destroyed.

Due to our laboratory’s cutting-edge technology, The Kennel Club’s DNA Testing Services offers the industry’s gold-standard SNP DNA profile.

Find out more about our profiling service here.

Recording results for a DNA test is a collaboration between us, the breed clubs and the DNA testing facility. For each of the DNA tests that we record, the breeder/owner agrees for the result of their tested dog to be sent independently to us by the testing laboratory. We then record the result on our registration database, and these are published:

  • In the next available Breed Records Supplement
  • On our Health Test Results Finder
  • Putting Dog DNA tests to the test