Can you give dogs electrolytes? Here’s the Answer

Home Remedies for Dehydration in Dogs

In some instances, you can make your own fluid replacement solution to help rehydrate your dog. Note that it’s recommended that you only give fluid replacement solutions to your dog on the advice of your vet. If your vet recommends giving your dog an electrolyte fluid replacement, you can purchase the solution at your vet’s office or make your own using the following recipe:

What can I do if my dog is dehydrated?

Of course, you want to help your dog and relieve their symptoms, but in some cases, home remedies (such as Pedialyte) which delay veterinary care, can actually worsen the symptoms.

Once your dog has been assessed by your vet, they will make recommendations for the best way to rehydrate. In mild cases, the vet may recommend Pedialyte or another electrolyte solution or rice water. Rice water helps especially in cases of dogs experiencing frequent diarrhea. While it doesn’t have any electrolytes, it does help firm loose stools. Always follow your vet’s recommendations regarding how much and how often to give these options to your dog.

For moderate dehydration, your vet may opt to treat the dehydration with fluid therapy under the skin, also known as subcutaneous fluids. The type of fluid used depends on your dog’s condition and diagnosis and often has a blend of sterile water, dextrose (a type of sugar), and balanced electrolytes. When given under the skin, the fluid is absorbed slowly over several hours. For dogs with chronic conditions such as chronic kidney disease, owners can learn how to give fluid therapy subcutaneously at home.

What Are the Signs of Dog Dehydration?

The signs of dehydration can vary depending on the severity of the condition.

Can you give dogs electrolytes?

Mild Dehydration:

  • Lethargy
  • Panting more than usual
  • Depression
  • Slightly sunken eyes
  • Dry mouth, nose, and gums
  • Moderate Dehydration:

  • Skin tenting (see below)
  • Delayed capillary refill time (see below)
  • Severe Dehydration:

    Can Dogs Have Pedialyte? | Can I Give My Dog Pedialyte? | Is Pedialyte Safe For Dogs?

    Luckily, we humans can reach for the closest sports drink to quickly quench our thirst. Our dogs don’t have that luxury since they only have access to water.

    If your dog has become dehydrated, you may find yourself wondering — can you give Pedialyte to a dog?

    Good news! Pedialyte is safe for dogs and can be used to combat dog dehydration for both humans and canines.