Can you put a dog in the front seat? A Comprehensive Guide

An unrestrained dog can lead to distracted driving challenges.

Many drivers do not think twice about allowing their small dogs to roam around the car while they drive. Both small and large dogs, however, can pose substantial distractions to drivers, which can increase the risk of an accident. If you look away from the road to deal with your dog, or have to take your hands off the wheel to push your dog away, it can lead to serious injuries.

Furthermore, sometimes, dogs can actually cause accidents as they wander around the car. They may bump the gear shift or the steering wheel, or interfere with your control of the steering wheel. In many cases, even minor actions can lead to an accident that may involve serious injuries for both you and your pet.

A safety harness can keep your dog much safer in the event of an accident. Make sure you choose a dog-friendly car harness that is highly rated and will help keep your dog secure in the event of a crash. Dogs, like people, can sustain severe injuries due to the force of an accident.

Keep your dog in the back seat of the vehicle when available.

Do not allow your dog to ride shotgun or ride in your lap to help decrease the risk of distractions. Instead, secure your dog properly in the rear of the vehicle.

A dog car harness or dog car seat helps many pet owners transport their pets more securely. Both dog harnesses and pet carriers help prevent your dog from jolting around during an accident. You can safely add a travel cushion for comfort while still securing your dog with a harness and leash.

Animal Cruelty Laws

When loading up your vehicle for a nice long road trip with your dog, the last thing you likely think about is animal cruelty laws, but these laws often have sections about car rides. Just like how you may want to protect your vehicles door sill from your pet’s claws with something like a Universal Door Sill Protector DIY kit, you are going to want to take as many protectionary measures as possible to keep your dog safe.

The sections of animal cruelty laws that apply to bringing pets along with you on a drive all differ depending on which state you live in. The most common laws prohibit drivers from carrying or confining pets in a cruel manner. This law exists in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Ohio. It should be noted that these laws do not clearly lay out what is considered cruel when it comes to how a pet is carried or confined. Alabama’s law is even more vague and allows police officers to use their discretion if they think the arrangement endangers an animal’s welfare.

Can My Dog Ride in the front seat?

We all have to transport our dogs in the car at times. We might be going to the vet or the groomer, or just taking them along for the ride.

Most dogs go wild at the jingle of the car keys or when they hear, “Wanna go for a ride?” Riding in the car is a treat, and another opportunity for us to spend time with our dogs.

More than half of the millions of dog parents in the United States claim that they drive with their dogs in the car at least once a month. That’s a lot of dogs riding in cars!

When you take your human family members for a drive, you probably make sure they buckle up for safety. However, far fewer drivers think about the safety of their furry family members.

If you plan to take your dog for a drive, consider equipping your vehicle with a dog seat belt, and buckle your dog in the back seat, rather than letting them ride shotgun. Here are a few things you should know about dog seat belts and car safety, and why they’re so important.