Can you stack metal dog crates? Simple and Effective Tips

Removable Litter Trays Are a Must

Unless you like the idea of unstacking and restacking dog crates on a daily basis (or anytime one of the inhabitants answers nature’s call), you’ll want to stick to stackable crates that feature removable litter trays. This way, you can simply pull out the tray, deal with the mess, and replace it, without moving kennels or disturbing the dogs.

Fortunately, most stackable dog kennels come equipped with removable trays, but a few economy-priced models try to skip them to keep prices low.

How to Clean and Keep Stacked Kennels Sanitary

Dog kennels can be cleaned without moving them as long as you’ve taken the dogs out of them first. Wait until you can have both dogs outside on a play-date before you start cleaning the kennels.

Clean the interior surfaces the same way that you would clean any other dog shelter. While some dog owners might want to sanitize the interior of a kennel, especially if it’s being used to board outside dogs, make sure that you don’t leave any traces of disinfectant because it could be toxic to dogs.

While some breeds tend to be more sensitive than others, all dogs have really powerful noses so this could be a problem too. Don’t clean out a kennel with anything that has a particularly strong scent.

Always load the top dog first in a stack before you put an animal in the second one. If there’s any debris on the ceiling of the lower stack, then loading a dog in the top one could generate enough of a vibration to shake it free and force it to the bottom of the lower one.

By cleaning the bottom of the kennel on a regular basis, you can be sure that the underlying plastic surface isn’t going to get moldy.

Try to Select Crates with Wheels

Many professionals in the market for stackable crates consider foregoing models with wheels to save a bit of money, but this is almost always a bad idea. In practice, you’ll end up facing a number of challenges that require you to move a stack of kennels around, and the only way to do this without giving yourself a hernia is to buy stackable dog crates on wheels.

Just think about it: Anytime one of your dogs drops a chew toy, spills a little food or has a violent number-two, you’re going to need to move the crates and deal with the problem. Wheels will make this so much easier that you’ll quickly forget about the relatively minor increase in cost.

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