Can you take a dog on a sleeper train? Essential Tips

How to Travel With a Dog or Cat on Amtrak

Keep in mind only dogs and cats are allowed on Amtrak. If you really want to see America up-close, from rugged seashores to snow-capped mountains and ruby red canyons, simply bring your pet with you on Amtrak!

You must follow the Amtrak pet policy restrictions when you plan your train trip.

Recently, Amtrak revised and expanded their pet policy, so here’s all the updated information.

Amtrak’s Pet Policy comes with a list of rules and restrictions you must follow to bring your dog or cat on Amtrak. And yes, your pet stays with you the entire time you’re on the train.

And here’s the best thing: Amtrak can take you and your small pet almost anywhere. There’s plenty of fresh air, and some peace of mind knowing the coach car has been deep cleaned and sanitized.

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While many airlines ban brachycephalic pups (Shih Tzu, Boston Terriers, Pekingese, pugs etc,) from flying with you, there’s no rule against these breeds traveling on Amtrak, as long as they fit the size rules.

Once again, you just need to know and follow Amtrak’s Pet Policy as you would for any small breed.

Unlike air travel, on Amtrak there’s no need to worry about your pet being cold or pressurization issues. You won’t have to lug a pet carrier miles across an airport’s terminal desert.

And not to stress over these concerns as you rocket through the sky, is PRICELESS.

How to Make a Train Reservation for You and Your Pet

Since Amtrak allows only five pets per train, not counting service animals, it’s important to book early. You may book your reservation over the phone (1-800-USA-RAIL) or at a staffed station. You can also choose to book your and your pet’s reservation online.

Just follow the steps on homepage to start the booking process. Type in where you want to go, one-way or round-trip, the dates of travel and press “Find Trains.”

From there, choose your train and coach seat, continue and proceed to enter your personal information. Once that’s completed, you’ll have the option to “Customize Your Trip”:

What Does It Cost to Bring Your Pet on Amtrak?

Traveling with your dog on Amtrak is a lot less expensive that on an airplane. Airlines charge from $65 to over $100 to have your pet in the cabin with you. IF they let your pet in the cabin anymore.

As you can see, the pet charge to travel on Amtrak is a meager $26.00. If you happen to have Amtrak loyalty points, it’ll use up only 800 of your Amtrak Guest Reward points.


  • Capital Limited
  • Carolinian
  • Cardinal
  • Crescent
  • Lake Shore Limited
  • Piedmont
  • Palmetto
  • Silver Star
  • Silver Meteor
  • WEST

  • Amtrak Cascades (excluding Canada)
  • California Zephyr
  • Coast Starlight
  • Southwest Chief
  • Sunset Limited
  • Texas Eagle

  • California Zephyr
  • Capitol Limited
  • Cardinal
  • City of New Orleans
  • Empire Builder
  • Hiawatha
  • Carl Sandburg
  • Illinois Zephyr
  • Illini
  • Saluki
  • Pere Marquette
  • Wolverine
  • Blue Water
  • Lake Shore Limited
  • Missouri River Runner
  • Southwest Chief
  • Texas Eagle

  • Acela Express (Weekends and holidays)
  • Adirondack (Excluding Canada)
  • Downeaster
  • Empire Service (Excluding Canada)
  • Ethan Allen Express
  • Maple Leaf (excluding Canada)
  • Northeast Regional
  • Vermonter (Washington – Springfield)
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