Can you toilet train a puppy outside at 8 weeks? Simple and Effective Tips

Keep Newborn Puppies Inside Until Their First Jab

Caring for newborn puppies may present a unique set of challenges, and you may question whether it is safe to let them outside before their first set of vaccinations.

Newborn puppies are likely to stick around their mother during the first few weeks.

They also get some antibodies from their mother, so it is safe to let them outside in your private yard if the mother is around.

If you have other unvaccinated dogs, however, you should restrict them from going outside.

You should also ensure they don’t come into contact with feces and urine from the other dogs until they are fully vaccinated.

Once your pups are 8-weeks old, you can take them for their first jab and gradually give them more freedom to the outside world until they are done with their vaccinations.

Wait Until They Are Fully Vaccinated

Although you may be excited to take your puppies outside, it is best to wait until they are fully vaccinated.

Puppies are more susceptible to diseases and infections that may be lurking outside, which makes vaccines essential for their health.

Typically, your puppies will start receiving their vaccinations once they hit the 8-week mark.

The vaccines are in two sets, and the second injections will come two weeks after the first round.

So, should you take your puppies outside after the first vaccination?

Sure, some time in the yard may be excellent, but it wouldn’t be advisable to take them on walks and public places until you are sure their immune systems are well-equipped for infections.

When Can I Take My Puppy for a Walk?

Since young puppies require such little exercise and thrive on substantial sleep, taking them on walks can have adverse effects on their overall health. Pushing their exercise boundaries at such a young age may even cause physical harm to your small pup. The growth plates in a puppy’s long bones won’t fully close until about one year of age, and too much exercise (even just walking) can be harmful to their developing skeletal system.

Of course, the other primary reason to avoid taking a young puppy for walks is to prevent the risk of exposure to diseases. Daily walks through your neighborhood can be dangerous for an undeveloped pup that is not vaccinated. It’s impossible for pet owners to know if every dog they encounter on a walk is up-to-date on their shots. Even dogs who appear healthy may carry viruses. This means they may look and act healthy but still have the disease and can spread it to other dogs.

Many canine diseases can be spread among animals through contact with contaminated objects or surfaces. Unfortunately, this means that if your small dog sniffs something that an infected animal was in contact with just hours before, your unvaccinated pet may become infected.

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This is one of the most important questions new dog owners have, as it determines so many different things.

Taking your puppy outside for the first time can be exciting yet scary, but it is an essential step, especially when you are puppy training.

You may have tried asking friends and family, but the conflicting advice can be quite overwhelming.

If you are wondering when it’s safe for your little friends to get some time outdoors, keep reading.