Carrots For Teething Puppies

Some vets even recommend cold or frozen carrots for teething puppies, as a way to relieve discomfort. Large frozen carrots make cheap and edible chew toys. Furthermore, chewing on carrots can also help improve your dog’s dental health.

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There’s another benefit of feeding carrots to puppies. They are great teething aids! First, make sure you cut them into tiny pieces so they are not a choking hazard. Then, pop them in the freezer for a few hours. Your puppy will appreciate the soothing effect of the frozen carrot chunks on their sore gums and teeth.

Deciding what to feed your puppy can be confusing! Especially when it comes to human food and, in particular, fruit and vegetables. Before you try them with something new, always check first. Some fruit and vegetables will upset the digestive system, and other types can be toxic. So, what about carrots? Are carrots toxic, or can puppies eat carrots?

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which is needed for healthy vision. Carrots are also low in calories. One medium carrot contains about 25 calories, making them an ideal snack for a dog who needs to lose a little weight. Here are six easy ways to incorporate carrots into your dog’s diet:

If your dog is not a vegetable lover, juicing may be a fun way to add carrots to the diet. Carrot juice is extremely high in vitamin A, but the fiber in carrots is lost during juicing. To make sure your dog doesn’t miss out on the healthy fiber, add some of the pulp back into the juice before adding it to their bowl. Just wash the carrots, run them through a juicer, pour and serve!

It is very easy and cost effective to bake your own dog treats, and carrots are ideal for baking into treats because of their natural sweetness. Follow these steps to bake carrot treats for your dog:

Grating carrot on top of your dog’s dinner is a low-prep option that adds a little extra deliciousness to their meal and can be a great solution for enticing a fussy eater. Simply wash the carrots with a vegetable brush before grating them over what they’d normally eat.

Frozen carrots may help relieve discomfort for teething puppies and can slow down an aggressive chewer while still offering vitamins and minerals. Just don’t offer more than one whole carrot a day, because of the high fiber content, and never freeze baby carrots (which can be a choking hazard for dogs).

If you are not familiar, carrot chips are simply slices of carrots that are similar in shape to potato chips (perhaps smaller).

After a week of the shredded carrots, we graduated to carrot chips. I simply dropped a small handful of them on the floor in his play pen when I filled up his food dispensing toys. After Quest gets done grubbing on his food, he snacks on the carrot chips or save them for later.

Anyone who has or has had a puppy knows they love to chew. As you can see in the above photo, Quest is no exception.

I plan on continuing to add some fresh carrots to his food or as snacks for the rest of his life due to their health and cancer defying benefits. But if you are just looking for help with teething and chewing, get your puppy started on carrots early and often.

After a couple of weeks with the carrot chips, we moved up to baby carrots. After meals or when Quest starts chewing on something he shouldn’t, i grab him a small handful. Because they are so dense, the carrots keep him occupied and satisfy his need to chew.


Is a carrot good for teething puppy?

Carrots also have another benefit when they are fed to puppies. They make great teething aids! Cut them into tiny chunks so they are not a choking hazard and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. Your puppy will appreciate the soothing effect frozen carrot chunks can have on their sore gums and teeth.

What Age Can puppies eat carrots?

Just as it is perfectly safe for an adult dog to snack on a crunchy carrot, puppies can enjoy eating carrots too. Carrots have even been used as a natural remedy for teething puppies before. Puppies are born without teeth and at around three weeks old, their teeth will start to sprout from their gums.

Are carrots safe for puppies to chew?

Yes, dogs can eat carrots. Carrots are an excellent low-calorie snack that is high in fiber and beta-carotene, which produces vitamin A. Plus, crunching on this orange veggie is great for your dog’s teeth (and fun) and it is included in many dog foods.