Cover Crate With Blanket

Yes, you should cover your dog’s crate with a blanket if your dog is feeling cold, suffers from anxiety, is noise sensitive or is having trouble falling asleep due to lights in the house. However if you do decide to cover your dog’s crate with a blanket you need to be aware of the risks such as overheating, the high flammability of blankets and also how they pose a choking hazard. Remember when covering a dog crate with a blanket you should always leave at least one side uncovered to provide adequate air flow.

Is It Safe To Use A Blanket To Cover A Dog Crate?

Cover Crate With Blanket

We don’t recommend using a blanket to cover your dog’s crate for the following reasons:

Puppies start teething at around four months of age. For the next four months or so, your puppy will happily grab anything within reach and chew it.

Although chewing is generally not going to harm your puppy, tearing lumps out of a blanket can present a choking hazard. A puppy could easily drag layers of fabric through the crate bars and start chewing it. If the puppy then swallows the blanket, he could choke on the material or lumps of it could become tangled in the pup’s bowel.

Knitted blankets are especially dangerous, as they tend to unravel, making it more likely that the puppy will choke.

Of course, you should never place your dog’s crate close to a fire, heat source, or open flames. However, accidents happen, and blankets can easily catch fire, posing a very real danger to the dog trapped inside the crate.


Dog crates should be well-ventilated to prevent your dog from overheating. However, most blankets are not made from breathable fabric, and placing one over your pet’s crate can seriously compromise air flow through the crate.

Although you don’t want your dog to be cold in the winter, allowing your dog to overheat is potentially extremely dangerous.

If you use a thick blanket to cover your dog’s crate, your dog could easily overheat. Dog’s don’t sweat to lose body heat like people do, and don’t forget, your dog has a thick fur coat, too!

Brachycephalic breeds, such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxers are especially vulnerable to overheating since they have flat faces and restricted airways. If you have one of these breeds, ensure that the crate your provide is properly ventilated and not placed close to any form of heating source.

Should a dog’s crate be covered?

Dogs are den animals who prefer the security of a secluded area—it’s instinctive for our canine friends to search out an enclosed, dark space when they’re scared or need rest. A crate cover, like a blanket or crate-specific covering, can be beneficial to many dogs and can help reduce anxiety and soothe dogs by limiting visual stimuli, which in turn can prevent excitement and barking. Easily excitable dogs are less likely to react to movement outside windows or in other areas of the building if they’re in a covered crate. A closed cover at night can signal bedtime, and an open one may indicate that it’s okay to play. A covered crate can be especially helpful on a road trip for a dog who is stressed by car rides, or while she’s in an unfamiliar place with new distractions.

Should You Put A Blanket Over A Dog Crate:

If done correctly, putting a blanket over your dogs crate has many more benefits than disadvantages. As long as you make sure they have sufficient oxygen flow and aren’t going to overheat, a blanket over their crate is a great idea.

In this post we’ll discuss the pros and cons of putting a blanket on top of your dog’s crate and ultimately if it’s the right decision for you.

Cover Crate With Blanket


Should you cover your dog’s crate with a blanket?

You should never completely cover your dog’s crate as it can block airflow. Keep blankets away from heat sources, ensure the fabric is breathable, and avoid using knit blankets that may snag or unravel. Monitor the conditions inside the crate in humid summer weather to ensure it doesn’t get too hot.

Does putting a blanket over a crate help?

Reduces Anxiety

Often, covering your dog’s crate helps to keep your furry friend calm during stressful situations. For example, many dogs become upset during thunderstorms or when fireworks are being set off outside, and spending time in a covered crate can help.

Should I cover the crate at night?

Dogs will try to reach through the crate bars for anything they can pull in and chew. Covering your dog’s crate may make him feel more secure, but it’s important to use a cover he can’t pull in through the bars and destroy. Food and water aren’t necessary to leave in the crate overnight.

Should you blanket cover crate during the day?

Blankets provide warmth and comfort to your dog. They also provide a sense of security, which is necessary for dogs who are nervous or anxious. Blankets can be used as a dog crate cover during the day so that your dog can sleep in a dark and cozy environment.