Did Marie Die In Wentworth

Marie takes the path to redemption by protecting her son’s killer Ruby Mitchell from being attacked by Lou Kelly’s cronies, Marie is tragically stabbed in the chest by Lou as revenge for Reb’s death.


“Marie Winter is a seducer. She is also a powerful and feared criminal matriarch, the lynch pin behind a diverse sex trafficking and prostitution industry. But despite controlling a criminal empire, she has never been to jail, always managing to cleverly remain at arm’s length from the law.

This has been achieved in part by the powerful and influential friends she has managed to garner over the years, whose dirty secrets she keeps as leverage should she ever need to use it.

While Marie can be incredibly cold, calculating and ruthless in matters of business, she’s also charismatic and warm when it suits her. She uses her ability to enrapture both for personal and professional gain. She is complex and contradictory, and that very unpredictability can be dangerous. Fit and physically capable, Marie rarely gets her hands dirty but when she does, she can hold her own in a fight.”

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Did Marie Die In Wentworth

The original Marie Winter was all round loathed when she made her debut in Wentworth all that time ago. And yet, fans have started to feel complex feelings for the ruthless yet human character as the show has explored her vulnerabilities and her need to be a mother figure.

Marie wanted to engineer the death of Lou so she could protect Allie and Reb but now that Reb has ended up dead, she is in shock and grief.

And actress Susie Porter joined Metro.co.uk to discuss the exploration of a potential redemption for her complicated alter ego – as well as revealing a surprising new bond after Reb’s death.

A lot of what Marie does is born of protection. When she attaches herself to someone, especially someone younger, she would do anything for them. Is this her main motive on trying to bring down Lou Kelly?

Absolutely. Marie’s idea is that Lou Kelly, it’s just going to end in tears with her.

I think it’s that thing of going: ‘That can’t happen to Reb. I’m in here for the rest of my life, but I can help Reb. And that she almost sees him as a son-like figure, and if he was under her care and attention he would flourish and leave prison and have the life he wanted. But with Lou it would end in tears!


Who killed Mary in Wentworth?

However, following Ruby to get the phone brought Marie into a trap set by Lou, and while she saved Ruby, she bore the brunt, with Lou fatally stabbing her with a kitchen knife. And things become more tragic when Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), Marie’s one-time lover, sees her body and can’t help shedding a tear.

What episode does Marie die on Wentworth?

Wentworth S9Ep9 Marie’s death – YouTube.

Who killed Marie in Wentworth Season 9?

Login to stream online or new customers can start a 10-day free trial. Marie’s redemptive arc was a beautiful thing to watch this season – except that it also made her brutal stabbing at the hands of Lou in the penultimate episode so much more gut-wrenching.