Do baby monitors work for dogs? Surprising Answer

Spy & interact with your personalized puppy monitor

You can spy on your unsuspecting puppy, or you can start with encouraging words to provide positive reinforcement to your four-legged baby. Interaction is also a great way to address signs of dog separation anxiety. If your puppy starts being destructive with frantic scratching, destructive chewing, howling, constant barking, excessive pacing, and excessive drooling, you’ll be able to automatically capture video clips of their behavior with a Petcube pet monitoring device. You will also have coachable moments to stop puppy chewing when alone on your favorite pair of shoes or couch cushions, for example.

Pick a good spot for your pet cam

The Petcube Play or Petcube Camera make for an ideal pet monitoring system designed to sit on any flat surface, whether a low TV stand, table or shelf. Petcube pet monitoring devices feature a 138-degree wide angle lens, you can position a Petcube easily to capture the widest area possible. It’s important to pick a good spot where your pup spends most of its time. Don’t forget to section off an area of your home that has been puppy proofed with plenty of puppy pads. Both Petcube Play and Petcube Camera come with a standard tripod mount, if you want exactly the right angle and height.

Pet Cameras vs. Home Security Cameras

If you want a camera primarily to keep tabs on your pet, a general-purpose indoor home security camera might serve you just fine—and save you some money. Weve included some on this list, all of which offer intelligent alerts that differentiate between animals and people.

All of the cameras weve selected also offer night vision, so you can see your pet in the dark, and two-way audio, so you can listen for and respond to barks, howls, and meows.

Capture from Furbo 360 (Credit: Angela Moscaritolo)

Pet-specific cameras take things a step further. They let you not just see, hear, and talk to your animals, but remotely play with them and toss treats. And beyond just alerting you when your cat or dog is moving around, pet-specific cameras can tell you when theyre making noise. The Furbo even alerts you when your dog is looking directly at the camera (which it calls a selfie), has been barking for over one minute, or is crying or howling. It also notifies you when it detects a person, or if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off. That makes it useful as both a home security camera and a dog nanny.

WiFi vs. Non-WiFi Baby Monitors – Babylist

With technology developing faster and faster every day, they are becoming more accessible to everyone in terms of affordability, and dog monitors are one of those things that you should consider getting if you have a four-legged best friend.

A dog monitor is basically like a baby monitor, except for it is used dogs. The best way to explain how dog monitors work is by comparing it to a video call where you can see and hear your dog through your phone, while they can only listen to what you are saying if you want to.

To learn about dog monitors and how they work, then make sure you continue reading this blog post.

Before we talk about how dog monitors work, let us first understand what they are and what their purpose is.

These devices were created so to give pet owners the option of checking on their pets and talking to them while they are at work. It is an innovative spin on baby monitors, except for your dogs can now listen to what you are saying to them if you want them to.

Dog monitors are similar to security cameras, except that you can see what is happening right from your phone, and you can actually speak through your phone and talk to your dog via the dog monitor.

This means that they are like cameras that can be controlled via mobile apps as long as the camera in the dog monitor and the phone are connected to the internet.

Dog monitors are used for a couple of different reasons. Two primary uses for dog monitors are: