Do bloodhound dogs shed? Here’s What to Do Next

The Heat Cycle Of Female Bloodhounds

The heat cycle of a female Bloodhounds is the obvious element because when your Bloodhounds will be in the heat cycle that you will notice your female Bloodhounds shedding more hair than usual. It is more caused by the sudden fluctuation of hormones that take place inside your female Bloodhounds body. So, don’t worry about it if you notice your female Bloodhounds shedding In The Heat cycle.

When do Bloodhounds Shed the Most?

Like I said, seasonal shedding is the key with Bloodhounds. There are two times a year that these dogs, much like many other dog breeds, will shed the most.

This is called shedding season which happens during the transition from winter to summer and again from summer to winter.

During shedding season, Bloodhounds will shed their current coats to make room for the new one to grow in.

The winter to summer shedding season gets rid of their dense, warm undercoat so they do not overheat in the warm summer months. The opposite happens during the transition from summer to winter!

This is a crucial step for these dogs to regulate their body temperature.

During these seasons, your Bloodhound should be brushed a couple times a week to help get rid of that dead hair before it ends up on your furniture.


Effective and proper grooming can make huge difference in keeping the shedding at the minimum. You should always brush their coat accordingly in order to keep their shedding at a minimum.

You should always brush their coat regularly if you really want to keep their skin moisturized with their natural oil as well as want to look damn perfectly clean and perfectly free from shedding. When you brush the dog’s coat, their skin releases natural oil all over the part of their body which helps their body in getting moisturized. With good quality of Brush, you can easily distribute those natural oils to another part of the body and keep their body moisturized with their natural oil. Yes, it is recommended to use the Brush effect that perfectly fits your bloodhound’s coat needs. Not all brush is going to be the perfect and ideal brush for your Bloodhounds coat and this is why I would always recommend you invest in a slicker brush because a slicker brush is what your Bloodhounds coat needs. Please, make sure you brush your Bloodhounds coat outside your home if you want to ensure that their hair won’t get collected inside and the mess stays outside.

Bloodhound Dog Pros And Cons | Should You REALLY Get A BLOODHOUND?

The iconic hunting dog, the bloodhound, makes a great pet whether you’re into wandering through the woods on hunting expeditions with a canine companion. Although, there are some things you should know about this breed of dog before deciding to adopt one. Their history is remarkable, for one. Their personality and care needs are also something worth reading up on and understanding before adopting a bloodhound.

No historian is too certain, but experts on dog origins have found evidence that leads them to believe that bloodhounds originated around the ancient Mediterranean. After that, the hunting breed was then bred to what was considered to be perfection, in Western Europe some thousand years ago.

At this time in Western Europe, the churches and royalty were the ones to thank for the perfected breed of the bloodhound. The priests, bishops, and princes were generally the ones who were in charge of the packs of hounds that were kept and would ride out on hunts with these hounds at their side.

Due to their top-notch breeding over the centuries, since the day of their upbringing in Western Europe, bloodhound adoption is commonplace all over the world. Even in workforces such as police departments. Their impeccable sense of smell makes them an excellent ally to help them track down criminals who have tried to make a run for it.

The bloodhound has a good temperament. This breed has a mix of personality traits, all of which make them an overall wonderful breed to share your home with. They can be calm and affectionate, while also being stubborn and determined when they become fixated on a task.

Bloodhounds, hound dog puppies especially, need lots of room to run around and get physical exercise on a regular basis. Their nature is to want to be outdoors sniffing around and exploring their environment.

If you are looking to adopt a bloodhound or even a bloodhound mix, for the purposes of having a guard dog, this breed may not be the right match for you. Their keen senses may make them sound like a good watchdog, but due to their love of making new friends with almost any person they encounter, they may not be the best guardian of your home.

In terms of nutrition, a bloodhound will do well on commercial, natural, or any other high-quality dog food. If you have any concerns about the food that you want to feed your dog, you can always talk to your dog’s vet. Veterinarians are a great resource when it comes to your pet’s nutrition, among many other topics of pet care.

Bloodhounds don’t require much grooming, but they can be messy. Their big floppy lips tend to make a mess when they drink or eat, so that may keep you busy at home with your bloodhound. Their big floppy ears also need to be inspected regularly for any signs of problems arising, such as infections. And finally, their eyes also need regular care, as they can get all junked up at times and would just need to be kept clean.