Do dogs canine teeth fall out? Find Out Here

What to Do as Puppies Lose Teeth

Now that you know the answer to “when do puppies lose their baby teeth?”, it’s time to learn how to help them during this time. When your puppy starts losing teeth, it’s essential to make sure they have safe toys to chew on. You want a toy that’s gentle enough for puppies but firm enough to provide the relief they’re looking for. You should also start touching the inside of your puppy’s mouth to desensitize them since you’ll need to brush their teeth and take them in for regular dental cleanings later on.

Keep an eye on your puppy and give them a little guidance if they’re chewing on the wrong things. Not only can chewing puppies cause a lot of damage, but you also want to make sure your puppy is only chewing on safe toys. Getting your pup used to positive reinforcement can also be helpful when it’s time to house train your puppy.

If your puppy still has baby teeth when all of their adult teeth should have come in, talk to your vet about getting them removed.

What are some signs that your puppy’s teeth are falling out?

Aside from noticing dog teeth around your house, you might also notice that your puppy seems a bit uncomfortable, or that they’re chewing on…well, everything. They might be nipping too, which hurts because baby teeth are sharp! This is all a sign of puppy teething, and it marks a great time to break out the teething toys. A strong chew toy or teething ring with varying chewing textures will help your adorable teething puppy throughout their teething process. You can also put a chew toy in the freezer to provide a cooling treat that reduces pain as well.

How Many Teeth Do Puppies Have?

Like us, dogs are born toothless, but then puppies quickly develop a set of 28 “baby” teeth.


If you have a new puppy, depending on their age, they may have wagged into your life with varying numbers of baby teeth. Much like human babies, puppies are usually born toothless, and then grow a set of 28 puppy teeth. But when do those puppy teeth fall out?