Do dogs have due dates? Here’s What to Do Next

Using Hormones to Determine Canine Gestation

Breeders use several ways to tell when their dog will give birth. The best method is using hormone testing, which can be done with blood draws and vaginal smears. The hormone tests can help a breeder develop a dog ovulation calculator which then can determine when a dog will give birth from measuring progesterone levels. For more information, continue reading about canine gestation.

You will know when a dog is about to go into labor by watching for some obvious signs. Dogs will start to appear uncomfortable and restless which usually lasts about 24 hours up until she gives birth. She may refuse to eat or eat very little. You should also see signs of her vulva swelling up and her water will break. Her body temperature will also change from about 101 to 102.5 to 98 degrees. Once her labor contractions begin, she will clearly look uncomfortable and will make straining, heaving motions and this may include panting, whining, shaking and even vomiting.

Use This Dog Pregnancy Calculator To Determine Due Date

Are you looking for an easy way to figure out when your dog will be due to delivery her puppies?

A dog’s gestation period is 63 days, meaning we should be able to give you an idea of when to expect something to start happening by a specific date.

Our dog pregnancy calculator was made to give you an estimated date of delivery as well as a range of dates where your pup could deliver her new babies.

Not all dogs will go exactly 63 days, some will be 61 days while others can go up to 70 days before delivery.

Is your dog pregnant and you want to find out when to expect her new babies? Use this dog pregnancy calculator to figure out your dogs due date.

The average length of a dogs pregnancy is 63 days. The above date will show you an estimated date of delivery as well as an estimation of the earliest and latest dates of delivery. *Contact your veterinarian if you have questions or to schedule an appointment, as they will be able to give you an understanding of when your dog may be due.

How many puppies are there in the first litter?

The typical size of the first litter is about 5-6 puppies but may reach up to 12 puppies. You should also keep in mind that this strongly depends on the breed of your dog as well as the mothers health.

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