Do dogs have their own paw prints? Here’s What to Do Next

Are dog paw prints unique like fingerprints?

These are much like human fingerprints, and are just as unique.

Despite all dog paws being made up of five parts there are still different styles of doggy feet. Dogs such as Bull Terriers, Old English Sheepdogs and Akitas have ‘cat feet’.

As always, we must first warn you, before you proceed, to make sure this is something your dog is okay with. Don’t force your pet to do anything they clearly don’t want to do.

Remember to also be as calm as possible, yourself. This will help to assure your pet that nothing is wrong.

You can also use paw prints or molds to create a memorial for a beloved pooch. Some of us like to get tattoos to immortalize our pets, and paw prints are great for that, too.

Try to relax your dog with treats. Petting and massaging their paws is a great way to get them more relaxed, as well. If you’ve ever had to ease your dog into getting their nails clipped before, try to perform a similar ritual for this event.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to copy your dog’s paw prints. Sometimes it’s great for art projects, holiday cards, or mold casts to show members of your family.

A Matter of Ridges

If we take a close look to our dogs noses, we will see that on their surface there are several ridges that form patterns.

The moist texture of this surface is meant to attract odor molecules allowing the dog to smell them easier, explain D. Caroline Coile and Maragaret H. Bonhams book “Why do dogs like balls?”

Well, the intriguing part is that it has been discovered that these ridges on the dogs nose are so unique that their appearance could be used as a way for identifying dogs.

According to a study, taking nose prints in dogs is a fairly easy process. All thats needed is to dry the nose with a lint swab, impregnate the leather of the nose with China ink and a nose print is then printed on a white cardboard. Voila!

Did you know? The moist, naked part of the dogs that we commonly refer to as “nose” has a technical name, its called “rhinarium.”


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