DO orthopedic beds help dogs with arthritis? Expert Advice

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

DO orthopedic beds help dogs with arthritis?

There are many symptoms of arthritis in dogs. You may notice your dog having trouble getting up and moving, especially in the mornings or after a long walk. Your dog may have a slight limp in one or more of their legs. Furthermore, your dog may not play or be as active as they once were. They can even have trouble maintaining the appropriate posture to defecate and or urinate. All these symptoms are possible signs of arthritis. If any of these symptoms are observed it is recommended to consult a veterinarian, as they can also be the signs for other serious diseases.

An orthopedic dog bed is a bed that is specifically designed to help a dog with arthritis or other orthopedic issues. These dog beds are recommended by many veterinarians for dogs with arthritis.

Why We Wanted Our Dog Beds to be Orthopedic

Even the most energetic puppy of all time needs to settle down and find a spot to relax. While we like to think our dogs spend all day running around, after a year in lockdown, I can see that my pup spends most of her day sleeping–everywhere. I then realized I had to switch to an orthopedic dog bed to give her the support she needed.

And, I’m not the only one. Gabriela’s first dog was a 13-year old black lab when she adopted her. As she tried to find a bed for her new furry friend, she couldn’t find one that met her dog’s needs and style. So, she started experimenting with different textiles, materials, and ways to make a beautiful dog bed that was both great in style and functionality.

But more than comfort and durability for my dog, high-quality orthopedic dog beds have tremendous benefits for pups struggling with arthritis, dogs at high risk of hip problems, and senior dogs too.

DO orthopedic beds help dogs with arthritis?

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According to the American Kennel Club, dogs spend 50% of their day sleeping, 30% lounging around, and 20% just being active. And as they enter the senior portion of their life, they require even more rest. Older dogs are also prone to arthritis, which makes joints achy and sore. With so much time spent lying down, a sturdy, supportive bed is essential for ensuring better sleep and reducing pain. Plus, durable, comfortable, high-quality orthopedic beds offer special features for the arthritic dog. Learn how an orthopedic dog bed can help their arthritis so your dog can rest in optimal comfort.