Do Puppies Need slow feeder bowls? A Comprehensive Guide

Why Should Dogs Eat Slower Over Faster?

When dogs eat too fast they gulp down too much.

This air that they swallow makes its way into their stomach.

Too much air in the stomach can cause discomfort and even worse, it can cause the stomach to bloat.

When the stomach bloat from too much air, it can twist.

Do Puppies Need slow feeder bowls?

This twist is called GDV or gastric dilated volvulus and when this happens it cuts off blood supply to the rest of the dog’s body which can be fatal.

Even a small amount of air can cause dog farts or dog burps.

Besides air in the stomach, dogs that eat too fast can also choke on their food, vomit or gag.

Can Puppies Use Slow Feeder Bowls?

Lou has used a slow feeder bowl since he was 10 weeks ago.

I had to purchase different sizes as he grew, but that’s the way he’s always eaten his meals.

If you start your puppy off eating from a slow feeder bowl, you will probably have to upgrade to bigger sizes as they grow.

Types of slow feeder dog bowls and slow feeder inserts

You can find all kinds of slow feeder dog bowls and inserts on the market today, including ceramic, plastic, silicone and stainless steel. Different sized bowls, varying bowl heights, and varying groove patterns are available to accommodate large and small dog breeds.

Marj recommends the stainless-steel slow feeder bowls for dogs instead of plastic because if you leave your dog’s bowl on the floor, he may chew on it and ingest the plastic. The steel ones are durable and easy to throw into the dishwasher, she adds.

You can also buy slow feeder inserts for dog bowls. These usually suction cup to the bottom of your existing bowl. Another option is putting balls or safe toys in your dog’s dish, so the dog has to work around the object to get his food.

How to Slow Feed Your Dog | Dog Slow Feed Products & Hacks

A common question that arises for dog owners is should you get a slow feeder dog bowl. Just with anything, there are some benefits to owning one, and at the same time, there are some detriments. What we encourage you to do is pay attention to your dog and see if having a slow feeder dog bowl would be either beneficial for your dog, or be detrimental. Let’s dive deeper into some pros of having one and how it can help your dog in the long run, and some potential things that you may want to avoid.