Does magnesium help dogs? Expert Advice

Why Does Your Dog Need Magnesium?

Your pet needs Magnesium. Point, blank, period. It’s one of few nutrients that’s truly essential to his everyday health, wellness, and body function. Magnesium plays a role in his physical health, neurological health, mood, and more.

Your pet can’t produce Magnesium on his own! He needs to eat some every day to avoid deficiency. It’s also considered a ‘macromineral.’ This is just a fancy way to say that your dog requires a large daily quantity of Magnesium to keep him healthy.

  • Magnesium is key when it comes to detoxification. Your pet’s liver works hard to keep toxins out of his body and Magnesium helps make it possible to do so!
  • Magnesium keeps other nutrients in check. It helps regulate Calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc, and more in your pet’s body.
  • Magnesium helps your pet’s body create energy. All that tasty food you feed him, yeah, Magnesium helps turn it into fuel.
  • Magnesium helps turn amino acids into protein. Hello, healthy muscles!
  • Magnesium supports your dog’s brain. It’s key when it comes to nerve function and regulating neurotransmitter health.
  • Magnesium even helps his heart stay healthy. It promotes healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Magnesium helps control your pet’s hormones. This means that all hormone-related functions rely on this mineral!
  • Sources of magnesium

    Magnesium is found in raw wheat germ, whole grains, and soybeans. Moreover, it is also found in peanuts, cashews, almonds, quinoa, and edamame.

    Greens like spinach also have enough amounts of magnesium in a 175g serving. Dairy products and fish also have some good amounts of magnesium.

    Magnesium for dogs

    Magnesium for dogs is the second most abundant mineral in your dog’s body after potassium.

    Your pooch needs this mineral for almost all his bodily functions including his moods.

    If he gets enough of it every day, he should live a healthy happy life showing you nothing but love.

    Magnesium in dogs is involved directly with muscle health. The strength and energy your pooch channels each day is because he has enough of this mineral in him.

    Magnesium aids in contracting and relaxing of muscles as well as muscle regeneration.

    Secondly, magnesium is also important for organ health and functioning.

    Your dog’s heart, liver, and digestive tract need enough minerals to function optimally.

    Moreover, the presence of magnesium in the body assists in the absorption of minerals like potassium, zinc, and calcium.

    Thirdly, magnesium plays an important role in your dog’s mental and emotional well-being.

    Health experts have discovered that this mineral has a calming effect when it is abundant in the body. This makes magnesium a perfect remedy for dogs that frequently get anxious or agitated.

    Lastly, magnesium combines with mineral-like calcium to ensure your dog has strong bones and teeth.

    Magnesium for dogs and it’s many health benefits | S6 Ep6 | Pooches at Play

    Magnesium is an amazing nutrient for dogs suffering from muscle tension, spasms or seizures. Rivas Magnesium is a safe and effective solution that works to induce calmness, relaxation and relief. Rivas form of magnesium has high absorption and many of our customers report a noticeable improvement right away!

    Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Magnesium Citrate and Inulin. One tsp provides 150 mg of Magnesium Citrate.

    Directions: The recommended daily dose is based on your dogs weight: up to 10kg – 1/8 tsp. 10 – 25 kg – 1/4 tsp. 25 -50 kg – 1/2 tsp. Over 50 kg – 1 tsp. Magnesium Citrate is a powder and can be added to their meal once a day. It has a very neutral flavour so they wont even know it is there!