Does Petsmart Trim Dog Nails

PetSmart is the go-to pet care retailer in the U.S. for customers looking to get exceptional grooming services for their cats and dogs.

If you’ve decided to get your pet groomed from PetSmart, you may be wondering – what are PetSmart’s grooming prices, and what does the service include? Here is what I’ve found out!

The price of grooming small, medium, and large dogs at PetSmart range from $76 – $89.99 as of 2022. Alternatively, the price of a PetSmart bath for dogs ranges from $40.99 – $49.99. Included in a PetSmart dog groom service is nail clipping, teeth cleaning, shampooing, and more. Cat grooming is $15 – $60.

If you want to learn more about what is included in a full groom at PetSmart, how to book a grooming appointment, and much more, keep on reading!

Am I Supposed To Tip PetSmart Groomers?

Online customers have recommended that it is good practice to tip your groomer to show respect and value for their work, with $20 often being an acceptable amount.

Alternatively, you can consider offering 10% of the bill. For example, if you paid $89.99 to groom an extra-large dog, you may wish to leave a tip of $8 or $9.

What Grooming Options Does PetSmart Offer?

PetSmart offers a range of grooming services, including bathing and full grooming services for cats and dogs, as well as smaller services such as nail trimming for pets.

The Pet Expressions service at PetSmart offers unique, custom looks for your pet which is available upon request.

To achieve these looks, PetSmart uses temporary chalking, stenciling, and feathering grooming techniques to transform your pet.

What Is Included In A Full Groom At PetSmart?

A full groom at PetSmart is a great option for those who want to cover all areas of their pet’s health and hygiene.

The service includes a bath with oxygen-infused shampoo, or a special-coat shampoo such as shedding, as well as a blow-dry.

Additionally, the full groom also includes 15-minutes of brushing, a light face trim, and nail trim at PetSmart.

If needed, PetSmart can also clean the ears of your cat or dog, remove hair, flush the ears, and attend to the paws by scissoring the feet and shaving the paw pads.

Other than that, the PetSmart full groom also includes a sanitary trim, as well as anal gland cleaning for pets that need it.


How much does it cost for a dog’s nails to be clipped?

Your vet can trim your dog’s nails or the academy-trained groomers at the PetSmart Grooming Salon can take care of it.

Do you tip for nail trim at PetSmart?

The average cost to get your dog’s nails trimmed usually ranges from approximately $10 to $25. Nationally, the average for dog grooming prices is $60-$80, which usually encompasses not only nail trimming but also bathing, haircuts and other services.