Does walking a dog keep their nails short? A Step-by-Step Guide

Walking Frequency and Duration

Domestic dogs living in the city often do not get enough exercise simply because of space and time. Although it is a very feasible option to keep small dogs in flats and apartments, the reality is that these dogs will need to be walked on a daily basis, and be given some additional freedom on weekends at a park, not only for their physical health, but their mental health too.

Walking dogs outside will help slough off their nails and keep them short if it is done daily for a reasonably long distance. In general, if you give your dog enough exercise outside to sustain their weight and health, the activity should be enough to keep their nails in check also.

Why Should You Keep Your Dogs Nails Trim

Trimming your dog’s nails can often be something owners forget to do. It may not seem like something that is important but by ignoring this grooming task you could end up causing your dog an unnecessary discomfort. If a dog’s nails are left to grow long, you will find your dog is uncomfortable walking around. This discomfort can then cause your dog to distribute their weight in an uneven way leading to further problems, especially later in life. By having longer nails a dog is more likely to get them caught in loose materials like carpets or blankets. If this happens they can accidentally rip their nail out as they don’t realize the damage they can do by pulling their paw away from the material.

These are the two most important reasons for keeping your dog’s nails trim. However, the benefits are extremely obvious when you see the difference in your dog’s mood once their nails have been trimmed. Walking your dog can be a great way of keeping on top of their nail trimming and allow them to naturally trim their own nails.

How To Keep Dog Nails Short Without Clipping?

Intensive activity on rough surfaces will wear your bud’s nails off so that they remain short. There are multiple ways you can integrate activities in your schedule that will help both you and your dog.

  • Extensive walks. Increase the distance of your daily walks and adjust your route for more rough surfaces.
  • Take your dog for a run. Choose a nice route that features a good deal of rough surface, and you are good to go.
  • Bike with your dog. Similarly, find a nice bikeways and bring your dog!
  • Agility. If you have an active dog, take them to agility training. Lots of fun, short nails included.
  • Get a scratchpad or DIY. These are really helpful. Alternatively, craft one using cutting boards and sand paper.
  • Let them dig. Perhaps you got a rough surface somewhere. Allow them to dog, it will trim their nails.
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    Every now and then, your pup needs to get his nails cut. Wild dogs do not seem to have this problem. While it cannot be completely avoided that you need to cut your dog’s nails, there are multiple ways to prolong the point that time will come again. The methods mentioned in this article require moving your dog. Let’s go.