Does your puppy respect you? Surprising Answer

Let him work for his toys

Like how you control the feeding, you should have the superiority when it comes to the dog’s source of entertainment. Take out about two toys a day and let him “unlock” it by following orders. Alternate the toys so you can keep the enthusiasm of your pup. At night, pick the toys and put it away again. Make sure that your doggo is seeing this so he knows that you’re the one in authority. If he tries to linger on a toy, remove it still and don’t show it up for a day or two. This will make the doggo realize that his actions have consequences.

Also, initiate play and set the rules. You can stop whenever you want and the doggo has to wait until you continue. If he seems to lose attention from what you’re saying, walk away and stop the play.

Don’t let him pull on the leash

Does your puppy respect you?

Just because your dog is the one on the leash doesn’t mean you’re always in command.

On your next walk, check out who’s in control.

Are you the one leading, or is your dog dragging you with the leash? If the latter is happening, it means that your dog has the upper hand. This isn’t a good sign if you want to be the pack leader.

When the dog leads the walking, it will reflect on all the aspects of your relationship with your pooch.

When you are out walking your dog and he begins to pull ahead, stop in your tracks until he returns to you. If this does not work, try using a gentle tug on the leash to get their attention.

Once he looks at you, give him the command to “sit” or “stay.” If he obeys, praise him and give him a treat. If he does not obey, continue with the training until he learns that he must listen to you in order to get what he wants.

One way to make it easier to train a dog that pulls on their leash is to get a leash/harness that isn’t easily ripped off and distributes the pulling pressure evenly to your dog’s body rather than choking them.

Your dog follows you everywhere

Whilst a dog that’s too clingy can’t be a little problematic occasionally, having one that wants to follow you wherever you go is a sign he respects you. It’s all about the pack, and as the pack leader, others will follow you out of respect.

If your dog has such blind trust in you to believe you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, it means he respects you complicitly.

Cesar Millan Gives Advice on Making Your Dog Respect You on Sway in the Morning | Sway’s Universe

Dogs are hierarchical animals. When they sense that a certain being is dominant, they will consider it as the leader of the pack. In a domesticated setting, if you want to have a happy dog and make life easier for yourself, you must ensure that you are the alpha.

Knowing how to make your dog respect you isn’t really a difficult task. There are very few dogs born with the inclination to be the ones in charge of the pack. You have to make that cute doggo realize that there are boundaries they have to follow.

Dogs are pretty much like toddlers. If you don’t provide some response to bad behavior, they will keep repeating it over and over again.