Dog Hair Resistant Blanket

Cuddling up with your furry friends is a wonderful way to end a long day, but getting cozy with your dog or cat calls for pet blankets and not just any old throw blanket—these are fuzzy, fluffy throws that are specifically designed to stand up to shedding, drooling, and even chewing.

Blankets from brands like PetAmi, Petmaker, Petfusion, Pet Parents, and more are some of the top names in the (admittedly niche) world of pet blankets, offering up items that are as comfy as they are functional. Pet subscriptions will sometimes throw in a blanket but you don’t always get to choose the type of blanket. A worthwhile pet blanket should be water-resistant, if not waterproof, and machine-washable (some blankets offer some level of stain resistance too, but it’s always nice to have the option to just toss it straight in the washer if your favorite doggie has an accident). It earns bonus points if it’s made of a material that won’t retain pet hair or, at the very least, will hide it.

Most importantly, a pet blanket should be soft, soothing, and comfortable. Whether you plan to share it with your pet or use it to line their kennel or bed, any blanket you buy for them should help them feel safe and relaxed, as if it were part of their personal nest. Luckily there’s a wealth of options out there to choose from, and we’ve highlighted some of the very best ones on the market right here. Read on to find the perfect pet blanket for you and your fur baby to snuggle.

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How can I protect my bed from dog hair?

Prevention is the best method. If you can, try to limit your dog from entering the bedrooms. Close the doors when you leave the house, or use a pet gate to guard access.

Covering your bed with a pet hair resistant blanket can help enormously. If your pet is allowed free roam of the house, and you can’t stop her from sleeping on your bed, use a blanket.

A pet hair resistant blanket is what you need to protect your bed from pet hair in the day. It serves its purpose because hair falls off it easily. Like water off the duck’s back. So reserve this blanket for only this purpose.

Remove it from your bed at night, right before you get into bed, and keep it aside. Take care not to disturb the hair on it too much. Carefully fold the top side inwards. Fold it into a bundle, and set aside.

And when you make your bed in the morning, top it off with the pet hair resistant blanket. Take the blanket outside, shake or dust off any loose pet hair. Do this daily to reduce the amount of hair indoors.

Most of these blankets have 2 distinct sides. So you’ll be able to tell which side is the top side. Some blankets only have one side that’s made of pet hair resistant material, while the other provides the cozy factor, so pick the right side.

Look out for blankets with the right size. For a queen or king size bed, a 65×80 inches blanket would be sufficient. This will not cover the pillows, only to cover the comforter.

Bedding, comforter and blankets that repels dog hair

Most pet hair resistant blankets and beddings are made from velvety fleeces or microfiber material. They are usually made with multiple layers of fabric and other material. Depending on the configuration of the fabric layer, the result is often a waterproof, but soft material.

Some of pet hair resistant bedding covers are quilted. This is a good sign of a higher quality make. The quilting process will lock the inner layer in place. The inner layers wouldn’t bulge or run after a few rounds in the washing machine.

Machine washable is almost a must when you’re looking for a pet hair resistant bedding material. You’ll be cleaning this piece of bedding or blanket much more often than you would for the other bedding items.

Many bedding items are not only machine washable but can be washed in a hot/warm cycle. This is to kill nasty bugs and mites hiding in your bedding. An ideal pet hair resistant blanket should be able to wash in a hot/warm cycle.

Comforter: A pet hair resistant blanket works as a topper to cover and protect your bed. But if your furry friend is allowed in the bed at night, you’ll need a dog hair resistant comforter. It should work similarly as a blanket would. You should be able to take this pet hair resistant comforter outdoors and dust it to remove the hair.

Couch and upholstery: Use a dog hair resistant throw blanket to cover your furniture. These throw blankets usually come in smaller sizes. The plush soft feeling of it makes it more inviting for your pet. Use it in the family area, on your dog’s or cat’s favorite spot.

Review of the Best Pet Hair Resistant Blankets

Not all pet hair blankets are created equally so we searched for the best of the best and listed them below. We also tested several of these blankets with dogs that shed a ton of fur.

In general, dog hair repellant blankets are soft, durable, colorful, reversible, and waterproof. The waterproof material generally keeps hair from sticking to the blanket, especially when you put them in the washing machine. In addition, it’s easy to shack these blankets outside to get all the fur off. They are meant to complement your home décor while at the same time protecting your furniture.

This pet hair resistant blanket for dogs is made with 100% polyester fabric. In addition, this waterproof reversible blanket features an insulated lining that creates a barrier between the microfleece cover and your bed.

It protects sheets, quilts, mattresses, and comforters from accidents, and pet hair doesn’t stick to the surface of this blanket. Moreover, it is also soft and comfortable so it can be used alone while relaxing on the sofa or to keep you warm in bed.

The unique fabric traps urine and prevents it from reaching your mattress and furniture. In addition, this pet blanket is portable and ideal for use on the sofa, beds, chairs, cars, camping, and at the beach.

This dog hair repellent blanket is machine washable and available in a variety of colors. Your pet’s hair will not stick to the surface of this blanket and it’s extremely easy to clean.

This dog hair free blanket is 100% leakproof and waterproof. It protects your sofa, bed, and other furniture from dog hair and stains. It’s warm and has thick Sherpa fleece material keeps you warm and cozy indoors or outdoors.

This dog blanket is reinforced to prevent any urine or water from leaking to the other side of the blanket. The durable material also protects your furniture from chewing and scratching. This high-quality pet blanket is made with premium microfiber polyester and it’s machine washable.

Whether you want to machine wash this blanket or shake it off outside, pet hair will not stick to the surface of this blanket. It’s one of the best dog hair free blankets that we tried.

This reversible blanket is fuzzy with Sherpa microfiber on one side and a soft plush on the other side. It’s waterproof and protects your furniture from unwanted pet hair and stains. It features an internal lining that provides protection against stains and successfully stops liquids from seeping through to the surface of your furniture. In addition, this blanket is machine washable which will remove all your dog or cat hair off. This pet hair blanket is slightly hard to just shake the hair off so will either need to dust it off or wash it.

In addition, this blanket is warm and cozy and great to cuddle up with alone or with your pet. It’s also suitable for protecting the interior of the car. You can wash this blanket on a gentle cycle and tumble dry it to remove all the fur. It’s available in a variety of colors so it can easily match the inside of your house.

Are you looking for the best blanket for dog hair? If so, you need to try this one! It protects your bedding and furniture from hair, dirt, and other messes that are difficult to clean.

This lightweight blanket is reversible and has two shades. It’s made from waterproof and breathable material that keeps odors, moisture, and dirt away. It’s suited for queen and king size beds and covers the entire surface nicely so you won’t have to constantly wash your bedsheets with dog fur.

The dog blanket is easy to clean and can be spot-treated for stains, machine-washed, or simply wiped down to remove pet hair. It’s available in a variety of two-tone colors.

This pee proof dog blanket is made from durable microfleece material that resists liquid and urine. It acts as a barrier to protect your bed, sofa, and other furniture in the house. You can even use it in your car to protect the interior. Since this blanket resists liquid, it also is very good at resisting pet hair. Unlike other microfiber pet blankets, dog or cat hair can easily fall off this blanket.

It is machine washable on a gentle cycle and you can put it in the drying to remove all your pet’s hair. The waterproof coating is located inside the blanket and withstands many washing cycles which makes it long-lasting and durable. Lastly, this soft and cozy blanket is plus and great to use during cold weather months.

This lightweight blanket is reversible and has two colors. You can choose the lighter or darker side to match or complement your home décor. It provides complete protection from pet hair, dirt, spills, and stains. Your furniture will be safe with this blanket and you won’t have to constantly clean your pet’s hair off.

It’s made from a high-quality waterproof fabric that is non-crinkly and features insulation lining between the two layers of fabric. It’s an excellent blanket that protects against accidents commonly caused by pets and young children.

This blanket is easy to wash and keep clean by tossing it into the washing machine and tumble drying afterward or spot cleaning stains.

This dog blanket is specially designed to provide comfort for your dog as well as keep your furniture protected from dog hair and stains. It’s water-resistant and has a bottom layer that provides protection and an extra defense against stains.

The soft bolster protects the arms and back of the furniture while also providing support for your dog to rest comfortably. The front portion of the blanket extends over the edge of furniture or can be stretched out on a bed for more protection.

It’s an easy pet blanket to care for and maintain. You can easily vacuum fur, hair, and debris from the surface of the blanket or spot clean spills. Pet hair comes right off this blanket and it will keep your household clean.

This super-soft microfiber blanket features polyester filling and water-resistant material to repel pet hair. The design of the blanket is modern and shiny and it looks great on a bed and brings elegance to any room.

This blanket protects your furniture from pet hair, dirt, moisture, and stains. The material repels water and makes it easy to clean up with paper towels without staining the fabric.

The reversible color design makes it easy to flip over and enjoy a different look anytime you want. It’s easy to clean and machine washable.


What fabric is most resistant to dog hair?

Fabrics like microfiber, satin, silk, leather and tight-woven cotton repel pet hair very well. These tightly woven fabrics don’t have wide holes for the hair to get stuck in. With these types of fabrics, you’ll be able to shake or dust hair off easily. Stay away from wool, velvet and nylon.

What material does not hold dog hair?


Microfiber fabric is made from such tightly woven fibers that pet hairs have nothing to stick to. They’re synthetic fibers, which makes them stronger than natural fibers that are more prone to breaking. Even better, microfiber is mold-resistant.

What fabric does fur not stick to?


Leather makes a good choice for people with pets because fur and hair won’t stick to it. You can simply vacuum it away and use a commercial cleaner to keep the leather supple.